The Signs as Music

Pieces start at the beginning or at the part I liked the most. Check Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus. You know the drill!!!


Concerto in B Minor Mvt. III: Note the bite of the first violin, rising and then backing away. Aries would remind me of Vivaldi in general, but this piece fits very well; short and with an aggressive tempo.


The Moldau: One of my favorites of all time, and perfectly Taurean in theme: gorgeous Venusian imagery of the story of the volatile river Moldau which flows through the woods, through fields, rumbling tumultuously over rocks in its path, suddenly mellowing before it arrives by a beautiful wedding scene.


The Bird Mvt. IV: Light and airy, mimicking the song of a bird, but changing as you listen. A perfect tune for the ephemeral and bold Gemini. As the patrons of this sign never made a decision without consulting the other, notice how when in a quartet, the first violinist and cellist will always look one another in the eye after a larger pause, signaling one another to continue and lead the rest of the group. Although short and quick, this piece is full of intricate dualities.


Wieniawski's Legende: As the story goes, the parents of the composer's fiancee would not yet approve of their engagement. He wrote this piece and they were so moved that they then agreed. It is passionate and emotional as Water, deep and mellow before the true melody reveals.


Souvenir de Florence Mvt. IV: Proud and grand as Leo-- at first fierce, demanding, but growing into an ever-familiar tune. Intensity surrounds and guards the happy folk melody of this movement. Reminiscent of this sign's Fixed quality.


Symphony no. 5 in D Major Mvt. III: Quiet in the beginning, yet a piece that swells immensely, ending in a release of the hidden emotion of Virgo.


Holst's Venus: A more obvious connection, but beautiful nonetheless. Soft bringer of peace and ruler of Libra. The piece is delicate but also strong; ethereal and sublime.


Cum mortuis in lingua mortua: With the dead in a dead language. The protagonist descends into the catacombs, led by the dead spirit toward skulls which line the walls in a soft glow from the light of his lantern; calling to him.


Troika: The merging of winter with Sagittarian fire. Playing this is as intense as it sounds. Loud and storytelling of a winter's journey on the troika-- three horse sled. A certainly dissonant piece, but one that does so fantastically.


Allegretto: Surging in shadows. As with that of Virgo, this piece is fortified in earthy, negative tones. A masterpiece; many things at once under the surface. It is at once profound before retreating into softness only to re-fortify itself.


Boccherini's Passa Calle: A fascination with the unrehearsed. Singing in the streets as an Aquarian joy of amusement and-- to an extent-- community. While not a true passacaglia, this piece imitates their style-- the strumming makes for a mirthful and hearty song. Also reminiscent of the 11th house.


Apparition de Myrthe from Giselle: Sweet and gentle, this entire ballet is reminiscent of Piscean essence. Like the Fish, a pause halfway separates the two themes in this piece before they become one. Other ballets may be suitable for your sign as well.

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