Geschenke: Gifts for the Signs!

These are some presents that I think would suit someone's placements, in the spirit of giving and cheer for whatever occasion or holiday it may be. Of course, this should not override someone's actual interests in life and what you think they'd want to receive; I just think it's a cute idea to post here.

Find the Sun Sign to denote a gift which will bring them happiness.

The Moon Sign will indicate a gift that they will appreciate and truly hold as sentimental in their memory.

Use the Venus Sign to denote a gift which will spark their interest and touch their values.


A surprise party! Anything competitive or active; board games, video games, sporting equipment, art supplies. Knives, pocket knives. Tickets to sports games, concerts, or other events. A fine hairbrush or comb, as Aries rules the head. Supplies or toys for their pets, who they must care very much about.


Food; cook for them, take them out to eat, offer delicious baked goods. Tea or ground coffee, spices, sauces, a mortar and pestle. Decorative stones or crystals, snow globes, jewelry boxes. Things that are pleasing to the senses; such as candles or bath bombs. In the visual sense, art for their walls, or present them your gift nicely in a basket.


Practical items that they can value for use immediately, and more than one gift included at once. Anything from new socks or a hat to a new skateboard. Stationery, like notebooks or fancy pens, paper, sticker sheets, sets of envelopes and cards. Something portable or that they can keep with them in their car.


A book of poems, or poetry that you have written yourself. Pearls for little sea-creature Cancer. Cookware, especially anything of high quality or a cute novelty design (think fun salt shakers or heart shaped bakeware). Cute plushies or dolls; home decor, such as throw pillows or blankets for couches. CDs, anything they can keep around that will remind them of you. They always keep handwritten cards.


Clothing and makeup of their particular style or interest. Fashionable accessories, either gold jewelry for the body or those in conjunction with makeup (brushes, hand mirrors of cute design, nail care). Hair care products that they want to try. Body fragrances of Rose or Tobacco. Alternatively: gift cards, cash, tickets to movies or games, or offer to take them shopping!


Puzzles! Fabric for sewing, fun craft sets, something intellectually stimulating. Gardening seeds, plant pots, tools of any sort. An elegant well-made scarf. Things to help them organize, such as decorative boxes for their desk space.


Fresh flowers or a bouquet. Appealing home accessories such as a decorative clock or a vase for flowers. Dress wear and related things, such as a new handbag, watch, wallet or purse; evening heels. Extra film for their camera, or a binder for scrapbooking.


Something they can wear to a party; costumes or masks... Items made of bone, ethically; or buttery fine leather or soft silk. Books on subjects they don't know about, but are interested in learning. Essential oils of any kind or wearable scents which are deep and cool; musky or woodsy.


Something that's an inside joke between you! Books on a subject they know about, but are always searching for more knowledge on-- appeal to their inner intellect. Get them a souvenir if you go somewhere. Realistically, travel can be hard and uncomfortable to plan spontaneously, but you can take them on your own little adventure somewhere!


Small antique items, or a small statue for their garden. They would love a comfortable shawl, bathrobe, slippers, or sweater. Furniture of natural materials. They may especially like to be taken somewhere new for some dinner. Run some errands for them! ;)


Any sort of item which represents a scientific subject or historical era or mythology which they have particular interest in. For example, a small decorative globe of constellations for astronomy, or even a telescope. Something innovative for their interests, such as an upgraded console. Tailor something to their interest and they will appreciate it forever!


Family/friend photos. A new set of tarot cards. If it interests them, any unique jewelry, or jewelry that is themed of nature. Incense to burn around the home, especially for Pisces Moon. A favorite scent in shower product form; shampoo or bath gel. A white noise machine which contains sounds of water.

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