Black Moon Lilith


BLACK MOON LILITH is a point, rather than a celestial body, on the chart. It is the secondary focal point in the Moon's elliptical orbit, and its comprehensive lesson is that without putting our ego in the way to resist change, we can overcome our pretensions and let resolution flow into ourselves. This does not mean we are passive, but rather that we must be courageous in certain areas of our lives.

This Lilith symbolizes actualization, and the firm will to be open; to trust that when Lilith is done with a moment of our lives, we will be ready for our challenges. To prepare us, Black Moon Lilith creates a necessary void. I recognize Lilith as an instrument which we can learn to live with, as with Pluto; as something that places the task to combine partnership and autonomy in times of increasing individualization. Lilith does not ask "with whom shall I go," but she says "I go my way" and asks, "who will go with me?"

The Three Liliths

There are three Liliths in astronomy and astrology:

Black Moon (either a true or mean theoretical mathematical point)

Dark Moon (theoretical phantom object)

Asteriod 1181 (orbits the Sun in the asteriod belt between Mars and Jupiter)

Most modern Western astrologers utilize the Black Moon in their interpretations. You may work with all of these energies in a chart, or choose which ones you desire to interpret.

On the difference between true and mean calculations: the mean is more widely used, as there is the belief that it is more sensible due to the unpredictable oscillations of the second focal point. The true calculation preserves the data with all its oscillations and retrogrades. For some, there may only be a miniscule difference in degree; others may have true and mean Liliths in different signs.

It is recommended to examine the Black Moon in correspondence with the natal Moon. A look around the internet will get you a lot of animus-anima bullshit about "but if Lilith is divine feminine sexuality and I'm a guy..." This isn't even what Lilith is, but just because Mars is a masculine god doesn't mean men are the only ones with Mars signs. I think there's merit in the idea that Lilith can elucidate one's sexual energies to an extent, but you would benefit more by looking elsewhere for that, because here I see Lilith as a castaway point. It's not the dark side of your Moon, but it's certainly the distant path; powerful like our Moon, and usually something we're not too quick to acknowledge.

Lilith in the Signs

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