Cardinal Aries collides with Fixed Aquarius, the mark of an original soul. Saturn has bestowed you with talent and clever wit to achieve your desires. Aquarius Mars is a position of inquiry towards Martian Aries: the Cupbearer faces the Ruler of the Ram, becoming independent, prideful, rebellious. You are a pursuer. Seemingly unmoveable in arguments, but you know when battles can not be won.

Here Mars is somewhat constrained in its actions due to Saturn's rulership. This chart holder sometimes likes to develop a consensus before taking action in some of the more positive cases, but it can also be an irritant where the individual does not feel they can act alone with the approval of others. Therefore it is also frequently indicative of a rebellious streak. In some cases it represents someone who is a fighter or an advocate for a group or a cause. It also shows someone who likes to instigate or rouse a crowd to action.