You brace yourself. No more veneer of gentility and education. No more language. Nothing left but the animal rage to survive. You scream. You drive for the throat. You have found Aries.

Mars is at home in the first sign of Aries, but that doesn't mean it's all that at ease here when the energy is so high. The ram is conscious only of itself. In many ways you have the courage that comes with not taking the time to think of the dangers of your actions. As the baby lamb of the zodiac, your needs come first— an infant doesn't care whether or not its parents or neighbors are sleeping. Likewise, you will make clear your discomforts. Your natural instinct is to take action. You do, and this inspires others to get up and move, too.

As Aries is a Cardinal sign, you are deft at making decisions and don't beat around the bush. You can sometimes be too impatient, and are prone to your impulses; but your physical energy is abundantly positive. Your Mars will thrive at starting things and leading others to take care of the long hours or details of the project. One reason for this is that your physical energy comes out in bursts of tremendous power that burns out really fast. You can exert a lot of energy but only for short periods.

One of your strengths is that you can learn how to motivate yourself from within. Especially when you have something you really want but feel like you can't have: This is fire energy, like a treasure hunter, and it needs air. Air might not be what one thinks of when thinking desire, but it is the wind that stirs the ship that is Aries Mars. Because here is the thing with desire: there must be selfishness for it to even exist. Selfish is not a bad word because our selfish needs can be used for good. Mars in Aries must be selfish or it becomes truly difficult to manage. An Aries Mars that is trying to hide from what it wants starts to get into all sorts of trouble in the from of anger and conflicts with people. Because in addition to desire, you are motivated by the need to fight against something. This is true even if you are the most gentle and unaggressive person. The need to have an enemy to battle is there for you and can be expressed as fighting for a cause or debating people.

Unfortunately, selfishness can go too far. The Aries Mars who has taken the weaker path is left wounded, full of hunger and frustration. They may be self-righteous. They may be self-pitying. Simple. The warrior fought the wrong war.