The cosmic soul finds it difficult to perceive the testimony of Mars when it is in this sign due to being in its fall. A little analogy for this placement can be seen by using the film "Psycho". Norman Bates (Mars) is driven to insanity by his mother (Moon) because his actions are dictated by her emotional control over him. Pent up energy needs a way out, but the Moon contains it and keeps these actions from expressing themselves independently. These natives often find it difficult to take an independent stand, and often seek the approval of others for their actions. They often ask advice on what they should so in various situations. These celestial crabs avoid direct conflict by walking at an angle- they may resort to relying on others to fix their problems or confront someone for them. In a diurnal chart, the heat of the day amplifies the malefic character of Mars. Impulses become more difficult to control and the drive for some sort of resolution of the dilemma between self reliance and approval seeking is stronger.

As with Cancer's avoidant nature, you have a deep tendency to deny yourself things and withhold your own pleasure when you are left with no way to exert your emotional energy outwards. In other words: you tend to not take initiative, whether in a relationship or for yourself, and then recycle negative feelings inwards and become too harsh on yourself. This may also manifest in becoming self-defensive and withdrawing to sulk alone.

This results in a possibly considerable emotional stuntedness when it comes to expressing yourself. Sure, Cancer is a sensitive sign- but inside, you can very well struggle with showing it and beating your shyness.