Mars is exalted in this sign. Antiochus says that this is because the god of war exalts in this place of death. Most astrologers say that Mars is given the discipline it lacks by Saturn the taskmaster. The cosmic soul is said to perceive the actions of the native more clearly when in this sign, but this may be because Mars is in the 10th sign from Aries, its own domicile, thereby making it more visible cosmologically.

For this reason, it is fortunate for getting ahead or becoming famous or well known, and seems to create ambition in the chart holder. They have an intense drive, strong self discipline and self control and have a commanding presence. Quitting is not in their vocabulary. Its relationship to Saturn allows the chart holder to be practical and coordinated in their efforts, sustaining them for the long haul. They tend to be very serious and focused and are anything but laid back.