Leo Mars has a powerful appetite for life. Your Mars is bound by both your need for asserting your identity— yes, showing off, even if you deny it! You find achievement in sharing what you love— and bound by the innate fears which surround this identity. That is your greatest battle: rejection. You need to feel respected and well-received. More than that, wanted and admired. Fully desired. The opposite is downright humiliating to you.

As with all Leo placements, you're prone to seeking "the one" who can fulfill your every fantasy, enter your world and fall into a passionate love between you. You're entitled to your expectations, I should know as your counterpart in Venus; but you can't realistically put so much energy into pleasing someone and holding them up on this pedestal of perfection.

This is a very "masculine" combination and it is said of these natives that they "have the right stuff." The Sun as lord of Mars shows one who is set apart and unique for qualities of courage, bravery and bold action. They have great composure under stress and handle emergencies well. They frequently enjoy risk and some play the role of daredevil. They have great self confidence, will power, determination, endurance and stamina. They are extremely competitive and will sometimes go to deadly lengths to ensure that they will not lose. When they do, they can be extremely sore losers.

They want to prove that they can be a better lover than anyone else. This can show very easily. But if they're not honest enough with their partner, and I mean really honest, it can feel like they're staging a play on opening night. My advice: Trust yourself to be more sensitive.

People with Mars in Leo are driven by their heart to act valiantly, with panache. They get what they want by getting your attention— these people are not wallflowers! They are prone to grand display of prowess in any form. They are actors who command the stage. They will bestow generous gifts on someone in part due how it reflects on them. No one likes a cheap King or Queen, and Mars in Leo knows this so typically gifts are significant.