Pisces Mars

Mars, expectant of a potent sign in which he may thrive, finds himself in the flowing river of Pisces; overshadowed by an unknown Mutable water. He acts as a subconscious, brought out by the fuming passion of his subject's creative expressions. From Pisces Mars comes a mist on the chart, the effect of firey Aries and icy Pisces melded together.

Pisces Mars results in the mixture of the fluid Pisces with leading Aries: the mutable Fish struggle to take charge as commanded by the Ruler of the Ram. You therefore may be subject to giving up often at tasks which upset you, quickly resulting to believing the worst when a situation does not go your way, or falling into a habit of becoming passive and letting life take the wheel from you. The biggest challenge to Pisces Mars is to overcome the temptation of letting go in matters which bring you conflict, and to envelop the Cardinal energy which this planet asks of you.

You may be gentle at heart, but let's face it: no one is free from the warring anger of Mars. When you get angry, your thoughts become clouded by Pisces, and your own emotions slip through your hands like water. With this mutable sign, you may find yourself experiencing often mood swings throughout your life.

You must work to control your anger, or else you will surge with Jovian wrath and act in ways which you will later regret. Be wary of self sabotage. Yet Mars also rules the passions of the psyche, and yours is vastly creative and sympathetic: you will do your best when you find a creative outlet for your emotions.