Aquarius Moon

Cupbearer to the gods: You stand with one leg balanced upon the physical realm and the other submerged in the waters of the subconscious. You pour the water of life and serve yourself.

Aquarius Moon may be a little prone to impulse, but your intuition is the most inventive out of all the Moon signs. You are great at finding solutions and giving superb advice; however, many times you ignore it in regards to yourself! You have a good mind, but are prone to instability because your emotions can become cramped and limited; you are more mental than emotional.

Being so observant and analytical, you can find a workaround to anything, even if it takes you a while to piece together. You have a potent desire for independence due to your Aquarian energies. Sometimes, you take it too far by secluding yourself and become lonely and alienated in the waters of your Moon. Do not crystallize your emotions.

But even though you may be silent at times, you are still working your intuitions. You are talented and smart, be sure to see yourself as part of the rest at times so that you will remember to not feel so alone. You attract fixed and stable people.