Cancer Moon

Ancient characterizations of the sea as greedy, hungry, desirous; held back by the Moon so that it cannot roam the earth. The Moon who commands Hesperus to bring her the night, holding the crab in her hands. Shy Cancer the cardinal, solstitial, manifesting in all placements of the sign and in her house.

Cancer Moon is a placement of exceedingly natural character. Lunar domicility implies a beneficial energy to the spirit of your chart. To be born within the Moon's domicile is a sound safety of the mind and a native comfort in an emotional psyche. You are very sensitive, with a strong need to care for others; you will also attract people who want to care for you.

You find comfort in the self and in the home. You deserve to be able to feel safe with your emotions— a threat to them is a threat to you— and to gather a warm space for yourself and those who you love. Somewhere that you may always feel at rest and heal in, both physically and mentally. The lunar domicile shows in your personality with a deep Cancerian sentiment; there but always slightly secluded, under the glistening waves of your Sun.

You are sweet because you care so much. This is admirable. It makes people fall in love with you. But sometimes, you care too much for the wrong people. When they hurt you, you turn away to protect your feelings, but later you forgive them and try to use your Cancerian intuition to reason with them. Some people cannot be reasoned with.