Capricorn Moon

Servant to Saturn: You are dark where there is nothing. You are defined by a history you could not control, and you live hollowed, empty, unconscious, an animal of the sea at the grave mercy of the Moon and her tides.

Capricorn Moon is the placement of lunar detriment. The Moon is found in the sign which opposes her fundamentally, and she exists subsequently in eternal discomfort. Ancient Hellenistic astrology emphasizes the discontent that a celestial body expresses when natal within a chart to its opposition: the self is abject. Inner growth of the Capricorn Moon is frozen for the autoprotection of the psyche, many times to little effect.

From the turbulent silence of your Moon comes an ability for natural maturity. You are well aware of this because it is one of the only strengths afforded to you. Look to your other placements to find more strength-- here there is little other energy than detriment.

General indulgence is warned with this Moon-- moderation is a skill that must be honed carefully in the face of your present materialism. On the other hand, denying yourself access to the truth of your emotions and access to happiness only hinders your own progress in life. You are alone in your success; however, it means very much to you. Pursue it with all that you have and gather a personal focus in search of fortune and stability.