Capricorn Moon

Servant to Saturn: You are dark where there is nothing. You are defined by a history you could not control, and you live hollowed, empty, unconscious, an animal of the sea at the grave mercy of the Moon and her tides.

According to medieval definitions of essential dignities, the Moon is in detriment here. The Moon is found in the sign which opposes her fundamentally, and she exists subsequently in a particular discomfort. The self is abject. Inner growth of the Capricorn Moon is frozen for the autoprotection of the psyche; in other words, you work against yourself.

From the turbulent silence of this Moon comes an ability for natural maturity. One thing about this placement is that they parent themselves. This Moon feels better with age, which is not so bad considering none of us are getting any younger. Capricorn Moons often have experienced restrictions in their upbringing, issues of parenting in their families of origin. Often the mother was restrictive, critical, ineffectual, or absent in some way. You retain many subconscious fears which must be brought to the surface and dissolved through understanding.

There is a strong emotional need to strive, accomplish, and achieve, but not necessarily the actual motivation for this. Hemingway's difficulty in getting himself to adhere to a steady writing schedule was legendary– when writing wasn't going well, he would often give up and go answer letters, which gave him a welcome break from "the awful responsibility of writing"— or, as he sometimes called it, "the responsibility of awful writing." It it said that it was Gertrude Stein who would chain him, literally, to his desk until his writing for the day was done. Without that he may have had no career at all.

Here it is Saturn who asks for domestic security, love and emotional support for the native before the cosmic courtroom on the Moon's behalf. Because Saturn does this according to its own nature and with some degree of neglectfulness and agnoia, the Moon often feels left out in the cold and slighted. Saturn places greater importance on responsibilities and duties and views feelings as impractical. As a result, the native often feels unworthy of love and appreciation, and they may be shy. Many may seek to keep the peace by repressing their own feelings until it becomes intolerable. The Moon in Capricorn takes away much of the gratification someone should find in pleasurable actions. This Moon is uncomfortable with feelings. They almost seem out of place, a source of difficulty instead of pleasure. They fail to show loving feelings readily, but need love as much as anyone else. Some react to this in a Saturnian manner by earning the love and admiration of others through achievement or works designed to impress others. They often seek to justify their worthiness because of deep seated doubts caused by lack of emotional feedback. Others will be somewhat retiring and emotionally reserved, not easily expressing their love to others. Because the Moon represents the natives basic emotional state, they can be subject to morbidity and can be hard to console.

In love, Capricorn Moons always feel shy about asking for help and companionship. Get them out of a rut and they will love that. Anything fed with love is good. Structured eating, sit down meals; that all feels good and lovely. Willing to chase for their love simply isn't enough, you better roll up your sleves and grab your boot straps, because you are going to have to work real hard for it. A Capricorn Moon also needs your respect, and to respect you. This placement is discerning and whether they choose to admit it to themself or not, they will know if you offer only fool's gold. Tell them the truth, they can take it. They may not like it but they need your emotional integrity. This is because they have plenty of their own and will not settle for someone who disrespects them by offering less than is due. It's like they have the heart of the little red hen. She planted the seed, weeded the field, reaped the grain, and baked the bread. If you want to share it with her you'd better have showed up and worked alongside. They expect the same when you want to share bread and eventually their hearth.

They can fall into the role of parenting the partner. Awareness of this will allow you to spot an emerging power differential. Don't facilitate this by under-functioning or over-functioning. Be a partner, not a son, not a father. Do the right thing and you will earn this Moon's respect as an equal. And that is a great reason to do the work with a Capricorn Moon; it will bring out the best in you. I love Capricorn Moons. They will tell you what is up.