Gemini Moon

Watching over the sailors of the ancient world as heroes, the Tyndaridae: Kastor, tamer of horses, and royal Polydeuces. The two exalted in the sky as Gemini, so they granted the sailors of the ancient world an especially bright constellation to always guide them on their way. Gemini rushes through the Moon's presence with golden-red wings upon swift horses.

Gemini Moon places the twin gods in the home of Cancer. The Moon shines here with a glittering sense of navigation; a journeying placement, you are disposed with the ability to be extremely hospitable to those around you. Equipped with the inner xenia of the Dioskouroi, you are protective, with a strong sense of self-preservation and social passion.

You may, at times, feel yourself embodying the generosity and extroversion which Gemini Suns shine in so proudly. Look to the house of your Moon for more on how you express this placement-- your character may change most apparently when around family, with friends, strangers, or alone. Your control over many faces is a valuable trait. However, because this is the 12th house sign of Cancer (when Cancer is taken as the 1st house, as we are discussing the Moon) you can be your own worst enemy.