Leo Moon

Leo, ruled by the Sun, unites with the Moon. When the pride of the Lion is harmed, it will retreat like the Crab into itself and sulk away. Your youth burns like an everlasting flame; yet you see how precious life is. You have a sun for a heart.

Leo Moon, to those you care about, you are a source of warmth. You see the good in other people and how treasured they are to you. There is something about you that is very warm-blooded and self-sufficient. Your inner emotional nature is uniquely your own. I always say this is the Moon sign that is most likely to be unapologetically honest about their feelings. The reason for this honesty stems from the fact their strong will power and sense of self is reflected in their emotional world.

You will be especially able to analyze ideas which come to you in times when you are creatively inspired. When comfortable, you will eagerly share your thoughts and ideas, and enjoy being the center of attention. You may be good with handling the wellbeing of children in your care. You have a deep sense of love, pride, responsibility, and honor when it concerns those who you are close to. However, you might find yourself many times blocked from being able to ask for help or attention when you need it, or other emotional feedback; especially if this Moon is in the 10th house.

The most charming quality you hold is this strange balance between a selfish yet vulnerable child and an old wise king. As you grow older you will learn better how to express your own feelings in such a way that brings the best in other people. You are selfish in that you interpret things through your own self-centered emotional needs. This is true about all people but because the Moon here is ruled by the Sun you are especially prone to that. This is an amazing strength because you are usually able to stay so centered in your own heart that no matter what is going on with the people around you and how they feel- you stay true to yourself. You really have little respect for people who get too swayed by feelings to the point of losing self-respect. On the other hand, it must be remembered to stay open to criticism yourself.