Leo Moon

Leo, ruled by the Sun, unites with the Moon. When the pride of the Lion is harmed, it will retreat like the Crab into itself and sulk away. Your youth burns like an everlasting flame; yet you see how precious life is.

Leo Moon, you may sometimes come across as too self-important, but to those you care about, you are a source of warmth. You see the good in other people and how treasured they are to you. But it doesn't hurt to hear that you're also just as amazing.

The Moon here gains creative intuition. You will be especially able to analyze ideas which come to you in times when you are creatively inspired. When comfortable, you will eagerly share your thoughts and ideas, and enjoy being the center of attention. You may be good with handling the wellbeing of children in your care. You have a deep sense of love, pride, responsibility, and honor when it concerns those who you are close to.