Libra Moon

Amongst the crystalline skies, beautiful Libra joins Cancer in a natural harmony of the soul and a need for innate safety. The goddess Cypris, mighty among men and honored by many names, is positioned with the soft Moon; worldly equity merges with personal necessity.

Libra Moon blends the feeling of Cancer and Libra, two signs naturally at a square aspect from one another. Thus, this Cardinal placement indicates a requirement for much attention, wishing to display a desirable image to the inner self and others. You want to feel beautiful and loved, and you want your companions to give you their intimacy. You attract positive people.

You have an elusive sweetness which masks your strength. This placement denotes a Libran popularity-- you should gain popularity easy somewhere, whether at work, school, or on social media. You additionally have a deep need for partnership, but you may have been denied a true and fulfilling relationship for a majority of your life so far: you are ambitious, but dependent. There is a possibility of dwelling on the past and too often worrying about the future.

You are gorgeously emotionally intelligent and have an incredible Venusian touch with your own mentality. You're certainly independent, but many times you may find yourself craving dependency; to be able to open up to someone else who understands, as you allow others to so frequently open up to you. Overall, your soul is pleasant, gentle, creating a decorative aura that proves alluring to others around you.