Pisces Moon

The Moon is frozen here-- the psyche is found in a dreamlike state, amongst snowflakes like stars, in the sign of the Fish who bring the end of Northern winter, or in the Southern hemisphere descend darkly from summer into autumn. The lunar Piscean calls upon the wisdom of Jupiter and all eleven previous signs to bring about the end and new beginning of the zodiac, morphing oneself with the destined shifts of the tides and gifted with fluid adaptability.

Pisces Moon culminates the selves of all previous Moon signs, representative of the finale of the horoscope and being in itself of the Mutable quality: your animus, your heart, is everchanging. Like your Jupiterian Mutable lunar companion, Sagittarius Moon, you seek experience for self-enlightenment and always seek to gain new knowledge.

You may be difficult to read. Due to your shifting character, you may come off as mysterious with this introduction of deep water energy to your chart. But on the inside, you are a wonderfully pleasant person with many different goals and a complex history.

Here, the Moon grants you the psychic ability of Cancer, allowing you to often times sense what others do not, and learn to discern between sincerity and manipulation from early on. You are also given a compatibility for solitude-- you may be most creative when you are by yourself. This is a good placement for musicians and artists. You attract sensitive and sentimental people.