Sagittarius Moon

The lively Sagittarius meets with the ruler of Cancer, both signs in joyous relation with Jupiter and expressing a bountiful energy to this Moon.

Sagittarius Moon donates a tremendously excitable force to the chart of the individual. As a lunar Sagittarian, you have a beautifully bright soul and aptitude for experience and knowledge. You know yourself with certitude better than anyone else, and when you are at your most comfortable you are joyously free-spirited and open.

You have an innate insight that is shared with lunar Cancerians and lunar Pisceans alike. Jupiter and the Moon have granted you sight for good fortune, and you can be very philosophically talented, being able to view the world in a grand perspective as well as easily placing yourself in someone else's shoes. This would allow you to be an excellent teacher-- especially given your ability in speaking and sharing with others.

Be aware of your personal limits: you may have the tendency to get caught up in the moment, or when helping others, that you forget your very own needs.