Sagittarius Moon

The lively Sagittarius meets with the ruler of Cancer, both signs in joyous relation with Jupiter and expressing a bountiful energy to this Moon.

Sagittarius Moon donates a tremendously excitable force to the chart of the individual; you are energized to explore the world. As a lunar Sagittarian, you have a beautifully bright soul and aptitude for experience and knowledge. You know yourself with certitude better than anyone else, and when you are at your most comfortable you are joyously free-spirited and open. You are an independent thinker who rarely, if ever, hides your words behind a facade. Every new adventure has something around the corner waiting for you.

There is something about bending the rules through using emotional expression that this Moon finds appealing and valuable. You often value authentic self-expression over being polite. Jupiter and the Moon have granted you sight for good fortune, and you can be very philosophically talented, being able to view the world in a grand perspective as well as easily placing yourself in someone else's shoes. Even so, you have your own core beliefs which you develop and stick to; you follow your life philosophies with passionate loyalty. It is not uncommon for this Moon to be spiritual, religious, or related to a community of political thinkers. This is because having a well-defined path brings a sense of optimism.

But when your high hopes prove too far to reach, you become even more busy, excited, sleepless and a workaholic. To feel secure, this Moon needs to plan for the future they want. The dream must be vivid and it must be exciting. When it feels like that adventurous spirit is fading, it helps to do something small to 'break the rules' and change routine. Physical activity also tends to inspire these people with confidence.