Taurus Moon

The Moon becomes exalted in exuberant Taurus; Earth and Water meet as tauriform, as the river Aufidus. You harbor your original judgements, but you are difficult to deceive.

Taurus Moon is the placement of lunar exaltation. The Moon is found in a sign which she enjoys, and the spirit of the chart is endowed with an inner independence and a persistent patience. You find no trouble in standing your ground; you're devoted and persistent. Your personality is attractive and charming.

Very occasionally in Hellenistic mythology (such as in the work of Nonnos): the moon goddess Selene is described as driving a bull chariot, or riding on a bull, because of the fact the moon exalts in Taurus.

You can be negatively materialistic— like Capricorn Moon— if you do not watch yourself. You can additionally become too protective over your possessions and refuse to share them. When you are in an unhappy state, you may ignore the advice of others and rely on yourself to overcome the situation. But in reality, you are just acting like a brick wall of a human. Open your mind more, and argue less. You are at times too extremely stubborn and may refuse to see others' opinions as valid. Do not disrupt your own Moon; she will just as easily take away what she has given you.

The concept of security deeply resonates with this placement. You want to feel stable and to cultivate your own routine in a fashion which pleases you. You may have an affinity for burning incense or candles! A warm, well scented, and favorably lit environment with lots of your favorite snacks at the ready would be the dream.