Virgo Moon

The rhythmic Moon sets forth and meets vivacious Mercury, dignifying the soul in a sextile of water and earth, leaving the heart imbued, as said many ages ago: as pure as Easter lilies, fashioned of music and perfume, of regal character; a smile gentle as starlight, with a gaze tenacious as memory itself; the lips tragic of predestined lovers, and the natural body as beautiful as statues.

Virgo Moon combines the energies of Cancer and Virgo, two signs traditionally placed in the harmonious aspect of sextile. As such, I consider this to be a gentle, secure placement, indicating a kind and pleasurable character. You enjoy the comforts of life, though you are busy under the influence of Mercury. You possess a certain love for learning that is special to Virgo placements. You take care of your loved ones dutifully-- you have the ability to be extremely reliable, and you are well-trusted.

Virgo is a sign of the Mutable quality. Thus, you find harmony and happiness in changes that exist as a positive evolution to your life. But when it comes to your emotions ruled by the Moon, you may not be so eager to throw yourself back and forth between changing your mind on things. When you analyze things too far, despite having an incredible awareness, you get anxious; extremely so, becoming stressed and spiritually confused; because you are sensitive at heart. It pains me to watch you fade to shyness when you are so bright and curious.

But your skill for criticism is some of the most acute of all placements. With your share of the Moon's intuition and Mercury's ever-growing knowledge, you are exceptionally able to parse problematic situations, to solve them, and to give advice or teach those around you, as long as you are passionate about something. You deserve to be more open with yourself-- shed your earthly shame and cultivate the boundless enthusiasm which lies within yourself.