Virgo Moon

The rhythmic Moon sets forth and meets vivacious Mercury, dignifying the soul in a sextile of water and earth, leaving the heart imbued, as said many ages ago: as pure as Easter lilies, fashioned of music and perfume, of regal character; a smile gentle as starlight, with a gaze tenacious as memory itself; the lips tragic of predestined lovers, and the natural body as beautiful as statues.

Virgo Moon combines the energies of Cancer and Virgo, two signs traditionally placed in the harmonious aspect of sextile. As such, I consider this to be a gentle, secure placement, indicating a kind and pleasurable character. However, it is also a demanding placement. This character takes dutiful care of their loved ones, being demonstratably thoughtful about others, and they attract shy individuals.

This placement uses what it learns and is suspicious of face value information, possessing a deep desire to carefully sort through all available data. Those who fall under the jurisdiction of Virgo do like to investigate the problems of others and their intellect is quite beneficial in this area. Communication is vital, particularly if it involves facts and information rather than "dreamy" philosophies.

Refined in nature, yet having flexible reactions, selective behavior, and some difficulties in adapting and integrating into their environment. Here is the conundrum underlying the nature of Virgo: How can Earth be Mutable? Sometimes, the basis of the Virgo Moon's personality is found in the rejection of instinct. Characteristic of an Earth sign, they reflect before acting, trying to find what does not exist. Through this protective mechanism, they live in defense against instinct. Ever-moving Mercury holds cosmic influence through the ever-shifting Moon. This placement, ironically, seeks security. Stillness.

These are individuals who want the support in their environment set to exact specifications. They can be very picky and are not easy to please, but they are very good at making ends meet and have an ability to survive under harsh circumstances. They have more talent than most for discrimination and tact in emotional circumstances.

In this Mutable sign, harmony and happiness are found in changes that exist as a positive evolution to one's life. But when it comes to emotions, ruled by the Moon, the Virgo Moon may not be so eager to throw themself back and forth between changing their mind on things. As much as they may like being busy, the constant noise and clutter of their mind can be a problem. Being able to get to the bottom of things, to know how they work, digging in and parsing the picture out into little puzzle pieces: this is the emotional world of Virgo. Like the other Earth Moons, they need stability, but of a different kind. They want everything in its proper place. All their thoughts and emotions neatly ordered within. But emotions are not very neat and orderly things.

Virgo Moon is in a flux about itself; they can easily become extremely self-critical, never feeling perfect enough, good enough. They ask the impossible from their own heart: stay in place and play by the rules. But hearts don't do that, do they? Behind the knowledge of every Virgo Moon is a truly vulnerable person. We all are vulnerable, but this placement is so because of the difficulty of dealing with their inner world. And when they analyze things too far, despite having an incredible awareness, they get anxious; becoming stressed and spiritually confused; because they are sensitive at heart. Sometimes they get so warped up, they miss the whole point.

It is said when afflicted, they are apt to want to be considered superior intellectually because of a deep seated inferiority complex. They must learn to understand others' feelings, as they have a strong desire to serve others, but do not always allow a long enough time to listen.

This analysis has been quite critical, but there is hope for you yet. Virgo Moon's skill for criticism is some of the most acute of all placements. With their share of the Moon's intuition and Mercury's expansive knowledge, they are exceptionally able to parse problematic situations, to solve them, and to give advice or teach those around them. This also indicates a high capacity for transferring what they learn into their own emotional intelligence. Emotional health is a particular theme of this placement. They deserve to be open with themselves— to shed their earthly shame and cultivate the boundless enthusiasm which lies within themselves. A little thought-free fun is always good for them.