Hey Baby, What's Your Sign??

I'm a Cancer Sun, although I consider myself to be a different sign entirely. My Moon is Capricorn, Leo Venus. In Sidereal astrology I am a Gemini Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Cancer Venus.

You can ask if you're interested in anything else, but I like to keep my Rising a mystery.
I calculate with Whole Sign Houses and Placidus. So for example, I interpret myself as both an 11th and 12th House Venus. I am equally Jupiter and Saturn dominant, as well as equally Water and Earth dominant.

What does any of this mean? I am mean, I am slimy, I am bad. Great Liar, Very good flatterer, Learns really quick, sense of humor, Good Friend, Can understand someones's feelings....

What do I actually think about astrology? We're living in an age of what I call "pop astrology." People tend to think stargazing is romantic just like they think nowadays that being a Libra is romantic. Whether or not they think those things are horseshit is a different matter.

Here are some samples of my beliefs:

Astrology recognizes two absolutes. The irreducible mystery of life, and the uniqueness of each individual viewpoint on that mystery.

It is experiential. The emphasis is on the seeker rather than what they seek.


Astrological symbols are neutral. All signs are different. All signs are the same. Some part reflected within the whole, and the whole reflected within the part.

Houses are theatres of outward activity representing that which the mind observes.

Someone who has never heard of Capricorn until now has already understood these symbols for years.

I consider fixed stars and the other constellations to add dimension to conventional astrology.

To understand any one phase in the zodiac, you have to understand its opposite. To truly understand Aries, you have to understand Libra, and so forth. This particular method is very sequential; it is very Virgo-like, ABC in nature, leading to a deductive and Virgoan analysis. This methodology leads to a Piscean awareness, meaning inductive, wherein you can see the whole and immediately grasp the parts.