Cancer Rising


With Cancer Rising, a great deal of satisfaction is gained through caring for others. Sometimes the instinct to care for loved ones is so strong that anyone and anything outside the immediate circle can be viewed as a threat. The attitude is protective; however, rather than possessive. You give out a huge amount of energy to your family and loved ones, and in the absence of a loved one this energy is usually channelled into one particular focus.

    Social climbing can be a problem with this placing. You're so especially ambitious for your partner that you may ignore your own success. Illogical worry about health is likely, causing a vicious circle of nervous anxiety which should be recognised and dealt with. This isn't one of the strongest Risings-- any planets in the first house, especially if conjunct the Ascendant, will have a powerful impact upon the personality. Nevertheless, you'll benefit by focusing on your true goals.

The Exterior

You come across as unassuming or innocent and therefore approachable, but more importantly, family-oriented. It's also likely that you get easily flustered or embarrassed in public, and are especially susceptible to blushing over a second-hand embarrassment.

    When set loose in a bookstore or antique shop, you'll be happy for hours! You're good at working with the public; for example, entertaining others and volunteer work comes easy to you.

The Interior

You're very conscious of your own security. Even others' emotions can have a big effect on you on the inside: even if you don't feel like showing it, your mood tends to reflect theirs.

    Additionally, I would recommend referencing the placement of the Moon with this Rising. Fair aspects will indicate a facile flow to life, but more negative aspects require attention.