Capricorn Rising


Most crucial for the Capricorn Rising is a wavering self confidence. One moment they can climb mountains, the next they can barely cope with the supermarket. Often this means one is very confident is some areas- at work- but quite shy and reserved in others- their personal life. The inability to see themselves clearly leads them to ignore the compliments offered to them, and to seriously undervalue their own abilities. Pessimism is a real problem.


You appear calm, gentle, quiet and modest in social situations, whilst in business situations you easily adapt a formal appearance. The signals you send out to new acquaintances are effortlessly kind and practical. You rarely express your feelings publicly, and are a master at the art of being noncommittal. You are not in the least unfriendly; you go out of your way to make others feel comfortable, but you are reserved.


Your dry sense of humour is always a delightful discovery and your genuine approach to the world ensures that you're surprisingly popular with others. However, this popularity can vanish under certain circumstances. You are a good conversationalist partly because you usually have something interesting to talk about, but mainly because you are a good listener.