Gemini Rising


    The Gemini Rising wants several things; first, someone to bounce ideas off of, and second, to be excellent in 10 different things at the same time. You want to know as many things as you can. And with everything life throws at you, you just want one answer.... "Can it be proven by argument or evidence?"

    Questioning every concept that is put to you, you're equally adept at questioning yourself, and usually have a high degree of self-understanding. A strong independent streak is likely, though, and you may very well abhor possessiveness and jealousy. Be wary of superficiality and bluffing. Your outer manner is cheerful, confident and friendly, but possibly sharp and off-putting to newcomers. Sometimes, a sarcastic manner can put people on the defensive. You may fear old age, but your attitude and appearance guarantee that you remain youthful.

    Over time, a Gemini Rising will develop a more solid conviction about the world and their place in it. You stick to the big important ideas and are very loyal at making an impact by communicating those convictions. You have a natural talent in politics and can use that to your advantage. Brilliant at juggling people, and like a child caught stealing cookies, you have a natural appearance of innocence that gets you out of trouble. Many of this placement enjoy dressing up in costumes or changing their appearance into something more exciting and colorful.


    Versatility is the hallmark of Gemini. You find it essential to pursue several courses of action at once and to communicate on all levels. Your potential can be expressed in many ways, but especially through media. Naturally bored, and bored, and bored... Gemini placements like to use their brains constantly.

    You might hide your high level of intelligence under a mask of playful cleverness. You would prefer to communicate ideas in a more accessible manner. You may also hide more than that, not showing the same face to two different people. This makes people feel confused and unsure where they stand with you. They may never know if they are truly liked or just tolerated for the sake of interest.


    Passionate enthusiasm and joie de vivre are normal in relationships for people with Gemini Rising, and shared interests are essential with much intellectual satisfaction being gained from friendly debate. Your ability to flirt and express love gives your relationships a colorful posture.

    You generally don't appear too emotional because you're less focused on indulging your feelings compared to others. Arguing with you is a very unpleasant experience because of how sharp in words you are. An amusing friend and according to me, a good one. You can return love, and respond beautifully to a little appreciation. You're the life of a group with a sharp mind. I do maintain that you excel in human relationships.


    Beginning from the 1st house being in Gemini, the 2nd house is ruled by Cancer. This means that Gemini Risings have a sentimental spot for their family. They may show a side that is more emotional only towards those closest to them. They have a lot of memories from childhood that makes up their sense of inner security.

    The 3rd house is ruled by Leo, they need to shine and be heard. They need the public to hear them out and listen to their ideas.

    The 4th house is ruled by Virgo. It is likely that most of their communicative ability was learned at home. One of the parents was very well learned and passed that on. As adults, they express this wisdom and knowledge in a different way. Maybe they rebelled against the more heavy and structured way information was passed on by the family. They may have disliked the rules and details that were forced on their mind. The home was probably nurturing to them on a low level. Thye may have got what they needed but at some point felt they needed to leave and achieve their dreams.

    The 5th house is ruled by Libra; they are very adept at social gatherings and have a beautiful way of expressing themselves. They are also romantics and enjoy the game of love. They can become very polite and diplomatic during courtship. They are charmers. Achieving their individuality can be done by learning to get along with people.

    The 6th house is ruled by Scorpio, stress can show up as a health issue. Stress around sexuality or secrets that they can't talk about especially. Daily routines can be where they feel they need to have more control. They can also be secretive about their job or what they actually do day to do. They like to have a private bubble to escape into. In that place, they are kings and queens.

    Sagittarius rules their 7th house, therefore they need to balance they need to information with the bigger convictions and beliefs of Jupiter. They must have a larger vision that directs them in life, some higher goal.

    The 8th house is ruled by Capricorn, and they will work very hard to achieve their ambitions. They can inherit money from others or through management. They may be good at dealing with money because they show responsibility around that area. They won't buy low-quality things or things they don’t need. They have an instinct towards money and other people.

    The 9th house is ruled by Aquarius, and so they will meet many friends through higher education or travel. They will not follow the rules about how to do either of these things. They may have a hard time staying in one school or institution if it means following the rules. They may have a very sharp brilliant mind that grasps philosophy or science with ease.

    The 10th house is ruled by Pisces and they may have unrealistic ideas about who they want to be in society. They may have big dreams about success and social standing. They are elusive to the public and can be a chameleon depending on the job. They have an acting ability. They need who they become to be of service to society.

    The 11th house is ruled by Aries. They feel the need to be in charge of themselves and acquire things on their own, often being starkly independent.

    Finally, the 12th house is ruled by Taurus. Despite the fact that the Gemini Rising aims to be responsible, certain circumstances will always escape them. They have considerable hubris in the areas of pleasure and emotion, money and material goods.