Libra Rising


    Other powerful influences in the chart can easily sap the quiet dignity of Libra Rising. The basis of the personality, if unopposed, is the need to relate to others. Very often the person with Libra rising will rush into all sorts of unsuitable relationships on the basis that any partner is better than no partner. The Libran tendency to be in love with love is spiced with an altogether more 'worldly' outlook on life. Naturally charming and gentle, these people do however tend to take the easy way out of any tricky situations, and can often be prone to self deception. They care so much about beauty and harmony that they work a great deal at creating it in artificial manners.


    You can give good advice to a friend and any friend who follows up will never come to grief. But if one would expect Libra Rising to give the heart also, they could be disillusioned. This does not mean that you are cold. It only means that Librans are often detached. You can be a good friend. It only means that one should not expect the impossible from you. Friends also tend to drift in and drift out of your life and though you may forget them for a while, you are always pleased to see them again when they reappear. Unfortunately you lack sincerity, and intuitive people spot this immediately. Nonetheless, you can be absolutely excellent company with finesse and grace.


    People take to you at once, because of your friendly approach and your genuine interest in what they have to say. Pleasant, humorous and gentle, you are easy to talk to and to get along with, at least on the surface. People see the Libra as someone that has got it all together, charming and attractive. Behind all this charm is one big mess that is personal life. You enjoy a good old gossip but are rarely sarcastic or hurtful. Your manner of dealing with the world is reasonably respectful and calm, it is very rarely brisk or officious. At work you appear to be capable, with an unhurried style which belies your ambition. You are talented in masking and creating beauty and symmetry out of nothing: the kind of person that would rather make a room look clean then actually clean it, and yet it works!