Pisces Rising

Along with Aries, this is the rarest Rising because these two signs take the shortest amount of time to rise in the northern hemisphere - a rare breed!


    The Pisces Rising more easily drifts in and out of people's lives rather than becoming a permanent fixture. However, you are an excellent actor and therefore you can fit into any kind of situation. You have enormous creative talents in whatever form you may choose to use your skills. Sensitive and gullible, with the need to take care that you are not taken advantage of. Shyness and a lack of confidence are common with this placement, as are healing abilities and a great deal of spiritual wisdom.

    You're always asking advice but never taking it. You're sentimental, secretive, impractical, romantic and a dreamer. You're often unaware of the present moment, often dreaming your way through life rather than living it. You're very likable but often find it difficult to understand life's workings. You have mystical intuition when your emotions are under control, but you need to learn to be practical and concentrate your energies on the here and now.


    You're a humane, understanding friend, if slightly unconventional. You can understand a person intuitively and help them without a show of exuberance. The friendship may have an otherworldly touch about it, but your advice is worth following. A word of warning: do not expect the impossible here. People have feet of clay and so, I am afraid, do you. Accept them for what they are worth, and let not idealism cloud judgement. Your innate grace and diplomacy could help save an unpleasant situation.


    One aspect of your personality which you find hard to hide is your irritation when under pressure. You can become tense, tetchy and nasty. There is a real danger of losing identity, especially if in a relationship with someone with much stronger personality traits. Pisces Rising is in many ways a mirror, reflecting back at others what they want to see; yet the true person remains hidden, vulnerable.