Sagittarius Rising


Sagi Rising is breezy and outgoing. You seem to lack the natural caution of new people which others display, and therefore appear open even on first meeting. Some of you are even in a permanent whirl. You are curious about people and therefore may subject perfect strangers to the third degree. This is usually done quite innocently, you have no intention of hurting anybody. Every new person or situation offers you delightful opportunities to further your knowledge. You try to fit in with any company in which you find yourself, whilst remaining a distinct individual.

   You may have a knack of making tactless remarks. This is not done in order to hurt; it simply represents the kind of absolute honesty which you view the world around you. This Rising sends out signals of confidence and optimism. One particular Sagittarian aspect of your personality is your sense of humour. It is your most wonderful attribute and can brighten up a boring world.


Generous to a fault and very helpful, you evidently make a good friend. If friends follow your advice they will be happy, as you can guide them very well. Your intuition comes into full play in friendship. You will do more for them than they do for you. Even if your relationships fail you; and many of them will, there will be no resentment. But your own prejudices may blind you on many occasions.

Inner Goals

There is a need for challenge in Sagittarius even more important when this sign rises. This placing usually brings a great deal of self confidence together with an expansive, enthusiastic demeanor which is at once charming and endearing. Those with Sagittarius rising have an objective and philosophical outlook on life that amongst most folk you wouldn't encounter. A tendency to rush in, however, together with a great deal of restlessness, sometimes means that all that potential isn't exploited to its full. Intellectual challenge in essential to these people, both in their working and their personal lives. However, you are open to depression when life offers no challenge, and once in depression, it is uncharacteristically difficult to climb out.