Scorpio Rising


    When Scorpio is the Rising sign, it often dominates the rest of the chart. The deep sense of Scorpio purpose is even more deep seated when this sign rises, resulting in an intense and driven person. There is often a need for power for its own sake, so you need to take care not to obsess. With a deep need to know yourself, you're capable of seeing your problems and faults honestly, but such introspection can often lead to struggles with confidence. Emotional security is very important with this placing.

    However good a friend you may be, do not be secretive and wear a mask. You are discriminative in friendship as a disturbed family background, sometimes tragically so, is responsible. Though you do and can appear detached, you are ultra-sensitive, specially in pride and self-respect. You are a little too overbearing; finding a happy ground can be tough. Secrets will be well kept. Do not attach too much importance to minor lapses on the part of acquaintances. You could be betrayed, resulting in a complete severing of all ties.


    In Scorpio Rising we understand a person who is naturally intense. Taurus on the Descendant becomes a projected self-sufficiency to contain such intensity. Here we are seeing a dynamic of protection, to deal with the fear or crisis between Mars and Pluto (an inconjunct). With Scorpio Rising the Soul is creating a certain type of desire complex that relates to evolutionary necessity. The persona of Taurus gives the impression that others are not required, furthermore there is a dynamic of testing going on here.

    Thus, suffering leads to the transformation that Scorpio rules over. You fully intend to transform yourself and the society around you, even if that means leaving and entering a new environment.


    You need committment and trust in your relationships to feel stable and safe. Your personal environment is very important to you; your privacy matters a lot to you, and it is extremely alarming when it is infringed upon. You hate nothing more than being pushed around.

    Although you may not feel like it, you undeniably have a presence brought on by the energies of Pluto. You may not feel especially intimidating, or magnetically alluring, but there is always a manifestation of this energy which makes you attractive. Others like receiving attention from you.