Taurus Rising

Sun and Rising

    The basic impulse in Taurus Rising is acquisition; the need to possess things and people is even stronger than Taurus Sun. Often, you cannot feel psychologically whole until you can surround yourself with physical proof of your material success. Routine and security are important, so you don't enjoy stepping out of your comfort zone. Stubbornness and self-righteousness are as much in evidence as with a Taurus Sun, but for those with Taurus Rising, deep self-understanding has to be found the hard way.


    While you are a demanding partner, you can nonetheless be a tower of strength to those you love. Your loyalty is unmatched, but stubbornness can be a downfall. When you seek a long term relationship with someone, you take it steadily. It is warned against to approach others with an attitude where you want everything to be done your way.     Many times, family members and close relatives end up as friends. Attachment is strong, and you will often go out of your way to maintain a relationship. However, if you take a healthy approach to those around you, relationships come extremely harmonious.


    Where the Sun lies in your natal chart may accentuate this placement: if you are a Fire Sun, these Taurean traits become accentuated. Regardless, you are persistent in personal performance.

    It is recommended to pay attention to the Scorpio descendant, which deepens this placement.