Virgo Rising


    Virgo Risings often have a Gemini Midheaven, and as both of these signs are ruled by communicative Mercury, this planet easily becomes one of the most important in the chart.

    You have a need to examine the aspects of life in minute detail. This can be a very fulfilling position provided that the potential here is positively directed. This can be easier said than done because the Virgo tendency to worry and criticize is turned inwards on the self when this sign rises, so self-confidence and self-esteem are often rather low.

    There is a remarkable warmth in your personal relationships which belies this sign's reputation to nag, although people with this placing do tend to encourage their loved ones rather 'vigorously'!! However, you may demand that others live up to the same high standards that you set for yourself. You are quick to point out people's flaws to them, and should learn to be a bit more tactful.


    You have an inclination to resourcefulness, being methodical, analytical, conscientious, with an ability to both navigate and challenge the linear.

    Evaluation will bless you with wisdom. Always remember that it's okay for things to not end up how you would have expected. Things happen, and although mistakes displeasure you, they are your greatest teacher. You only want one thing: the gathering of information. It is the curse and the gift of this sign. You may be doing something else but your mind is always in one place— wanting to know. Knowing is the way your mind works. The only problem is that you often don't filter any of this information at all. This is why it is a misconception to think of Virgo as neatly organized saints— the usual description of Virgoan qualities is really a description of who they want to be.

The Virgo Rising wants to be a perfect person. Perfection can mean a lot of different things for a lot of different people. Usually these are the people who strive to reach that image of perfection, and whether they like to hear it it or not, they really do care what others think of them. They care because they don't realize that other people don't have them under constant lockdown watching their every move. It is they themselves who are so hard on their minds. Virgo Rising wants to appear perfect and thus are extremely worried of being judged, so they try very hard to control themselves. This is unfortunate because when they don't focus on their own mind and perceptions of the world— they are able to shine with how clever, funny and perfect they are. That is the irony— they are more perfect than most people, as they put so much time and effort into what they do. They just happen not to be perfect at everything— and their biggest flaw in their inability to forgive themselves and others for their flaws. They need to learn (a very Virgo word) to shut off the record in their brain that goes "I'm not good enough; I wish I was better looking; I could do this job better." While the Virgo Rising is not repressed emotionally like the Virgo Moon, they are still unable to stop their mind from racing. I find the best way to deal with this is to use your abilities for the sake of others. If you research for the needs of others, your mind is able to let information go.


    When it comes to studying, it is highly likely that you have your particular quirks: either overworking yourself in general, redoing your notes excessively, or only focusing on one topic in a subject for a very long time. You might spend a week reviewing the same page.

    As for your wild side... You do have one— in fact, the Virgo Rising is one of the most likely to go for crazy ideas and do crazy things— only when they let go. Remember, these are curious people. But that perpetual interest may be turned towards less savory things at times. The descendant to this placement is Pisces; notoriously an escapist. Running away from your problems is an issue when your shadow side is ruled by Neptune.

Hemingway's Virgo rising makes complete sense, as he was an unparalleled prose stylist; his style (and voice, tone) is, or at least long was, considered the most widely imitated in literature. There was supposedly even an annual writing contest for "best of the worst Hemingway imitations."