What Is Elder Fuþark Runecasting?

Runecasting is a form of runic divination in which the practicioner faces North as representations of the runes of the ancient Elder Futhark alphabet are placed in a pouch and withdrawn one at a time for the casting process. Similar to Tarot, Runecasting is not fortune telling, but an oracle. The modern practice is inspired by ancient Germanic lot casting, as documented by Roman authors such as Tacitus in his book Germania. Many cultures around the world have historically practiced lot casting, also being known by other names such as cleromancy. While Elder Futhark Runecasting is heavily influenced by such practices, it is not necessarily "traditionally historically accurate," and may be practiced in multiple diverse methods. It is today a much more casual and simple form of symbolic divination.

The belief system on which the Runes are based maintains that the future is not set; anything is possible. The Oracle can never absolve one of responsibility, and only steers one towards factors important in determining one's future.

The Runes can not make Yes or No comments on the future. Beware of demanding absolutes-- only illuminate options and possibilities. One will have more luck asking for a general interpretation of events as they stand, or are about to unfold. 'Is such and such a good idea?' will usually draw a reponse. 'Should I follow this course of action?' is additionally a good way to phrase a question. Beware of asking the same question many times; the Runes will only give misleading answers. If a particular interpretation is not clear, ask again, but be sure to phrase your question in a slightly different manner, asking for clarification.

Runecasting Spreads

Single Rune Spread

For a simple "Should I" or "Shouldnt I" question.

3-Rune Spread

For interpretation on situation as it is; Action required, how a new situation will result.

5-Rune Spread

Also known as the "3-Lifetimes Spread," defined as the Birth & Childhood, Present, Future in this life, Past Incarnation, and Future Incarnation.

6-Rune Spread

Also known as the "Runic Cross," the most involved spread. Defined as the Past, Present, Future, Foundation of Current Events, Challenge Ahead, and the Best Outcome.

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