Cancer Sun

The Roman poet Ovid called Cancer litoreus, lit. "One who comes from the seashore." It may be nice to think, that as Juno raised Cancer amongst the stars for her fight against Heracles, so the Cancer Sun feels the acceptance of the Queen of the Gods.

From the ancient perspective, water may be at times incredibly dangerous. The deep swallows and drowns, it makes shipwrecks and crashes upon the shores of the world. But it is also incredibly involved in religion and spirituality, where it is sacred, used in rituals, worshipped; and in some cases, such as Ganga, associated with the mother figure. Today, Cancer is heavily associated with being motherly and nuturing.

I hope you like the beach as much as I do, because as Cancer Suns, where else are we so naturally connected?!!! You may find any sounds of waves or rain to be especially helpful in calming you to sleep.

Being of the Cardinal quality, you are a natural born leader: Cancer marks the beginning of the summer signs, and is the first water sign in the order of the zodiac. You frequently take charge in situations throughout your daily life, and in group settings, people often look to you for advice or to be told what to do. Your personal drive stops at nothing.