Capricorn Sun

Animal of the sea and symbol of freshwater god Enki: from the beginning you were tasked with carrying incantations across the primeval oceans to the physical world. You are the divine meet between Earth and Water, as your constellation shines in the sky amongst the constellations Aquarius, Pisces, Cetus, Delphinus, Eridanus...

If there's one thing a Capricorn can't stand, it's failure. You also hate wasting your time, as you are ruled by Kronos (or Saturn to the Romans). These characteristics make you extremely pragmatic, self-reliant, fastidious, and practical, though you sometimes fall into idealising suffering a little too much.

It is said that your constellation was held by the Romans under the special protection of the goddess Vesta (W. T. Olcott, Star Lore of all Ages). Capricornus has been associated with the biblical concept of a scapegoat. Additionally, your sign was called αἰγόκερως "aigokeros" in Ancient Greek, meaning "goat-horned," in association with the god Pan. Thus, it is interesting to consider the connotations of Pan with the Devil; likewise with the Tarot card of the same name and the fact that Capricorn is commonly associated with this card.

You value respect and work which leads to attainment because these concepts are tied intrinsically to human nature. But at times it seems that you focus more on controlling work rather than dealing with confronting your emotions. Take special care of your knees, as they are ruled by this sign. Saturday is an auspicious day for you, being ruled by Saturn. Like Cancer, your opposite sign, your constellation was described by ancient writers such as Aratos as "dim."

Although you have a hard, earthy exterior, you are so supremely gentle and surprisingly sweet. Your kindness is bound to instinct. Look to the concepts of χρόνος "chronos" and καιρός "kairos" and analyze how these manifest throughout your life.