Gemini Sun

The pair of this constellation are identified as the twin Dioskouroi, Castor and Pollux. In Indian astrology, this pair represents not family, but lovers; a man with a stick and a woman learned in music holding a lyre, both seated in the same seat. The Sanskrit word used for Gemini, mithuna, literally refers to a loving couple. "Divine Twins" are a distinct mythological theme across many cultures around the world, with analogies found elsewhere in the Molonidae, the Sicilian Palici, and the Maya Hero Twins. Triton once said to the Dioskouroi that they should receive, at the hands of all mankind, honor like that offered to the gods.

Gemini reminds us, "What if the solution isn’t out there? What if the portal to Oz is your own front door?"

A bomb goes off in the puzzle factory. A thousand puzzles, blasted to smithereens. Millions of pieces scattered like confetti. Two mad geniuses, both on Methedrine, attack the problem, each one swearing to have five hundred puzzles assembled by dawn. Imagine it. That's Gemini.

Gemini never trusts the system to work as planned. They know there's always a flaw. Just because something appears to be a certain way, doesn't mean it's guaranteed a certain truth to its being. The world of appearances, shapes, and form simply "is" — it just exists. A couch doesn't call itself a couch. "Couch" is a label, a symbol that we humans attach to the object so we can categorize and distinguish it from all other forms, names, and objects. The function of Gemini, through Mercury, is to name and classify that which is; to create an intellectual system of organization that allows us to logically order things. This sign relates to our need for security of learning the properties of our world so we can understand how it works. Identification helps us explain the nature of creation. Then we communicate what we have found to ourselves— through our inner thinking process— and to others.

Being an air sign, energy flows out from the center with no inherent limits. The natural desire is to know as much as possible; to understand phenomenal reality and projected creation through the brain. This sign represents the whole issue of perception, the way the world communicates with us. The way we see, feel, hear, and smell the phantasmagoria that surrounds us. Hearing people speak is one thread in that vast tapestry- listening to their words is another. And there is so much to see and know. Not a minute to waste. Like a child suddenly granted ten minutes to pillage a candy store, Gemini rushes through experience, sometimes frantic, often without any apparent master plan, but always with gusto. With a good time to be had. Alert intelligence is basic to the Twins. But concentrating on intelligence can actually cloud the understanding of what is born here. To Gemini, thinking is epiphenomenal, just a side-effect. The thrust of the sign is not intellection. It is raw perception. Gemini is not so much a philosopher as a journalist. The undigested facts of perception, not their meaning, are its food. It only wants to see, to witness the world. Ideas and understanding may arise, but they are not the point. To unravel the secret of the world. To gather all the clues. To see everything. That is Gemini's endpoint.

The Twins are born to talk. They are also born to listen. But that does not come as automatically. They probe others' minds, prospecting for geodes of insight, crystals of experience. The substance of the Gemini universe is not molecules or atoms, but that information. They're here to gather experience, to let the miracle of life work directly on their hearts. With their insatiable curiosity, they can pack a lifetime with experiences. But the horse they ride is wild. It can carry them to a far horizon or it can dance around, full of motion, going nowhere. It can even knock them off. "All tactics and no strategy" has been the epitaph of many a Geminian.

It comes down to this: The horse needs a rider.

Aries forms a sextile aspect and is the sign to which Gemini owes its life: Gemini is a part of the renewed cycle which Aries began. The mythological patrons of this sign also relate to Aries: Castor was a mortal destined for death— but Pollux was the scion of Mars, and thus immortal.

Following Taurus, where personal security was paramount, consciousness re-expands in Gemini. This allows for communication, both within ourselves and to others. The desire here is to learn as much one can. That stasis so characteristic of Taurus is antithetical to this sign, which remains in constant motion.

Virgo is likewise ruled by Mercury. These signs both share a habitual nature, and through their square aspect with one another, it is visible how Virgo struggles in their shared analytical disposition where Gemini excels.

Sagittarius is the opposite point to Gemini. The phenomena of interpretation is essentially Sagittarian, yet it operates within this polarity. Sagittarius represents truth and natural law; Gemini represents our opinions about those truths. Gemini is subjective. Intellectual nature is already highly matured here: intuition must be developed. They need to learn the deeper meaning of the facts that they have been collecting; what lies behind and beneath phenomenal reality. We take in our overall view about what is true in life for each of us through Jupiter, and create identities and opinions from those truths through Mercury.

The sign on the 3rd house, the location of the planetary ruler of that sign and the aspects that it makes to other planets, the house and sign that Mercury is in, and the aspects it makes to other planets, correlate to the nature of your thoughts and communication. Gemini allows us to communicate the values and meanings we have developed from our 2nd house experiences.