Gemini Sun

Triton himself once said to the patrons of your sign that they should receive, at the hands of all mankind, honor like that offered to the gods.

Yours is both a sign of campaign and friendship. But as said by the ancient Alkibiades-- when you are successful, you are received as a god... When you fail, you feel no better than a dead man. You have a stellar potential to share with others, as you are naturally flexible in your communication skills, yet you may become disorganized yourself.

Physically, you are beautiful, or handsome as the patrons of your sign, and would do well with any imagery or patterns of stars due to the associations of your sign.

You can't stand it when people hide their true feelings from you-- you want honesty and would rather hear someone's real opinions, even if they don't agree with yours.

Your curiosity, your versatility, both exist in the abstract; part of you as donated to you by your Sun sign and presented as your spiritual challenge in life ("challenge" in the sense of what you have been dared to explore, not to overcome).