Sagittarius Sun

The Greeks called you ὁ Τοξότης (toxόtes), the Archer, the Bowman; in Gaelic you were An Saighead, Archer or Soldier; to the Romans, Sagittarius, a term for bowmen on horseback, or the Skirmisher. Early English authors liked to call you "Sol in Sagittary." Regardless of your title, the patron of your sign, a half-man, half-horse, never missed the mark with his bow and arrow.

The influence of Jupiter on your sign is said to give you prophetic abilities; your "words shall be received as Oracles beyond those of other men" (William Lilly, A Guid for Astrologers). And you are an incredible speaker, whether you know it or not. You are blessed with a beautiful extroversion, a drive for action, and a seemingly neverending willpower.

As a Sagittarius, you will be extremely naturally compatible with anyone else under the influence of Jupiter. However, many Sagittarians exert themselves to get along with anyone and everyone-- you know fully that anyone may present an opportunity to you in the future. Thus, you are likely outgoing and friendly, talking to many different people in many places.

Being of the Mutable quality, you are granted with a sense of diplomacy to your psyche. Your sign brings change to the seasons; in the North the swift ending of fall, moving into the joys and festivities of winter. And in the Southern hemisphere of the world: the culmination of the blooming of spring, leaping with the stretch of a bow into the paradise of summer. You need change like anything else, but you need it to feel natural and aligned with your soul. Although you may love spontaneity, your attunement to the flexibility of a situation tells you that you must seek the answers that you are missing before you can fully commit to a plan.