Life, and death, and metamorphosis... While it may seem that Scorpio prefers the hard way, this is only because the notion of security is so freshly rooted in the bottom of the chart, Cancer. Scorpio itself has patience, knowing that everything must pass through its domain: knowing that all things must grow, and that some day, they must die.

So there is darkness: everything is experienced in life or death extremes, gallows humor, and thus Scorpio is clumsy, self-serving, and deluded at first. But they have the power to heal when they learn to rise above that darkness. A wise Scorpio lady once said that there are two types of Scorpios. Those who have done the personal work, and those that haven't.

"There be some learned writers, who have compared a Scorpion to an epigram, because as the sting of the Scorpion lyeth in the tayl, so the force and vertue of an epigram is in the conclusion, for 'vel acriter salse mordeat, vel jucunde atque dulciter delectet,' that is, 'either let it bite sharply at the end, or else delight pleasingly.'"

Our Scorpio neighbors concern themselves with beginnings and ends, travelling in a world which is black and white with little use for grey. But their curiosity is immeasurable; they need to probe and get to the bottom of things. Their keen sense of intuition certainly helps. And so dealing with the scorpion is never straight forward, there is always a dance of death involved. Another chief characteristic of the sun sign Scorpio is a remarkable reserve of energy. Energies are so strong they can seem overpowering, even inhibiting; Scorpio is driven by them. If positively expressed, both physically and emotionally, they can be big achievers. However, if the energy flow is inhibited or uncontrolled, it can be disastrous, with resentfulness, jealously and broodiness. Scorpios are often cold on the outside, passionate inside; full of curious hearts. They are born with a magnetism which attracts others, exuding a vigorous, stimulating and fascinating breath all over their bodies. Being perceptive, secretive, and ambitious, these qualities combine to form a unique charm. When a Scorpio tends to enjoy a challenge it is not out of any love for facing struggles and difficulties themselves, but because they desire to know how they will react when facing them. Though it should be said: Scorpio could often times benefit from chilling out and observing— both others and themself— calmly and patiently.

When one has a strong Scorpio signature there is a possibility of a very deep and sacred liberation for the soul. This takes real courage. As much as we try to hide from the darker aspects of Scorpio, they come to find us, and we must finally meet our shadow face to face, either in ourselves or in projected form. Some of what one may find there is extremely difficult to look at, no less to allow it to move through your being. And in our society there is not much support for this kind of deep soul penetrating. It is those with a strong Scorpio signature that have actually met what most never meet, coming out the other end healed, and they are the ones who can truly aid those running from their own darkness. Much like the Scorpion would rather kill itself than be killed, they are the ones in ultimate control of their destiny. Much like the scorpion can lose its tail and promptly grow a new one, Scorpios rarely lose, per se, they just keep on going since they are stubborn and determined to succeed. But they know when to leave, too. Don't expect to get much out of them, lest they become suspicious and exit stage left.

Now, in the archetype of Scorpio, we face our own personal limitations in order to evolve beyond them. We desire to merge with something more in desire of personal growth. There we confront the brightest and the darkest aspects of our nature. Scorpio correlates with the need to penetrate to the "bottom line," and is thus perpetually asking the question, "Why?". And this also reflects the obsessions and compulsions that we have. When these behaviors create a situation of stagnation, the rug must inevitably be pulled from underneath the feet in order to promote the necessary lessons of self-reliance (reflected in the Taurus polarity). In a natural expression of this idea, the individual will motivate others to grow in a non-manipulative manner. In addition, they are able to confront their own limitations and trigger the necessary metamorphosis without being dependent upon an external source of power.

In a distorted, or conditioned, expression the individual may manipulate others to have their own ulterior motives and agendas met. The person may become obsessed with an external source that represents the power they are seeking, and manipulate it for their own ends. Defensiveness and resistance to change are also negative manifestations of Scorpio. The point within this is that this archetype reflects the need for growth, transmutation, and evolution. We experience power and powerlessness relative to our dynamics. It is our own response, and decision making, to these experiences and to the underlying need to evolve, that dictates how this archetype will be expressed. In its best form, we have those that are very committed to helping others overcome their limitations. In contrast, in a negative expression, we have those who manifest a compulsive need to maintain past ways of being, and overtly or covertly manipulate others and sources of power for their own self-benefit. The underlying need is to merge with another source of power, or another person, in a non-dependent manner. In this way, we are able to purge the limitations of our past and continue our journey of life.

Living consciousness can only evolve, it cannot be destroyed. This changing form is the metamorphosis we experience. This relates to the idea of the "little death" of orgasm; the merging of souls, and the meaning and significance of sex.

Scorpions are also eager to find a strong, understanding and perceptive partner, someone who embraces the many facets of this volcanic red-hot lover. What else? Someone who won't judge them, who possesses raw personal power themselves, who keeps the game interesting, but knows how to talk when it's important to the relationship. Because again: they earnestly desire that merge. That partnership with another human being. To get to this point, Scorpio needs to find its own way first and transform. So a challenge is something which makes them swoon. The prospect of someone who can test them, who can make the game fun, is almost irresistible. Scorpio, of course, wants nothing but the best, so winners only need apply. Not much to ask eh? The Scorpio lover is determined; a powerful being who isn't for the faint of heart. When in love, Scorpio is intensely passionate, a rush of fluid feelings in keeping with this water-born sign. Often there is a push-pull in the dance of love. This is a vital bit of advice when it comes to this sign: only a suitor who is willing to discover what's really beneath the surface will succeed.

Aries is at an inconjunct to Scorpio. The former needs absolute freedom, while Scorpio needs commitment. This crisis, universal to all, creates a subconscious fear of entrapment that would limit the freedom to become.

In natural opposition to Taurus, we find the hallmark dynamic of confrontation. This is the necessary counteraction to the rigidity of Taurus— to force the frog from the well. This polarity also reflects the need to learn self-reliance, and self-simplicity. We must look inside ourselves to identify our own inherent resources for survival and self-reliance.

Sexual union is a method in which Scorpio can metamorphose its limitations. Scorpio is really looking for a partner with whom it resonates with on a deep soul level, but in casual relationships, when it has fulfilled some need, it can easily discard the other. In the case of the example above, thru the Taurus polarity of patience and stability, one could learn to stay calm and objective in such a situation instead of spawning the typical emotional crisis that Scorpio tends to create when threatened. Scorpio also must learn objectivity through its square with Aquarius.