The Zodiac as Places

In Ancient Greek, the Houses were referred to by the word for "place." Later, English astrologers such as William Lilly would apply the concept of physical places within a home to the signs; for example, Taurus as where cattle were kept, Cancer as wells and basements, or Leo as chimneys and fireplaces. I have rewritten my own associations for what places the signs may rule.


Shepherd settings. Volcanoes and the grounds beset by lava which surround them. Cliffs and areas of intimidating height. Ancient walls still preserved and once meant to surround settlements. Where wolves roam.


Oracle settings, as the breath of the Apis bull was said to give powers of divination to any child it exhaled upon. Catacomb structures with respect to the fact they are within the earth, and that remains of bulls were kept in them, such as in the Serapeion at Saqqara. Meadows and pasture in that they are related to the earth and animals. Long hallways reminiscent of the ancient Λαβύρινθος, the Labyrinth.


Shipyards, dockyards, marinas, and ships far at sea: for the associations of the Twins with sailors, to whom they had come as gods with aid during storms. High places where it is windy, particularly hills with open grass. Temples or monuments to Castor and Pollux, such as the one in the Roman Forum.


Orchards and vineyards, for that wine making may be associated with the Moon. Gardens of all kinds as they inspire a nurturing environment. More obviously: the sea and the seashore with respect to the Moon's rulership over the ocean and Cancer's natural habitat in the shore. Lagoons for their closed serparation and coral reefs for their natural activity.


All places which seem closest to the Sun. Deserts and land met with scorching heat and hot wind. The dens of lions and of people (your bedroom, your own space). Castles and palaces, both those that remain today and those ancient which have been ruined.


The night sky, as Virgo was known as the virgin of the stars. Fertile valleys; farmland and fields at harvest-time. Studies or rooms and closets where books and study materials are kept.


Museums or other collections, especially those of art. Theatres and their backstages; vanities or lavish dressing rooms where mirrors are kept.


Graveyards and cemeteries, for the connection of Scorpio with Pluto and death. Abandoned structures or those that have been lost and ruined by the elements. Moorlands, swamps, and low-lying wetlands.


Sympotic settings (or today's parties). Fields where horses may roam free. The most adventrous of forests or national parks, but also shallow patches of woods. Environments where archers practice and compete, either traditionally or as a modern sport. Libraries, in that they are treasuries of knowledge for the public. Bridges-- whether for cars or pedestrians-- as they symbolize journey. Where lightning strikes.


Undisturbed groves and grottos or patches deep within forests, especially of pine trees. Taverns (and now bars) in their Middle Ages association with the Devil, and also in the mythical Satyr's notoriety for drinking. Mountains, either ranges or any solitary type; cities or villages at high altitudes. Caves underwater.


Naturally unique geology. Formations in rock or sand that have been carved overtime by air or water. Wishing wells and fountains where coins are thrown.


Rivers and brooks, ponds, lakes. Docks and any fishing areas. Gates and gateways for the nature of Pisces as an end and an opening to new beginnings. Arctic climates.

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