Aries Venus

Searing through the planet of Love like a fireball, the sign of Mars takes its placement boldly and impatiently. The result is intimate like a star-crossed love, daring, lustful, competitive, and impulsive like the will of a God.

As the leader of the Zodiac, Aries Venus adores the beginnings of a relationship. Venus draws through the attracting power of love as Mars goes out to wrest it from circumstances. You gain the charm and seduction of Venus mingled with the boldness and courage of Mars— you're never afraid to show your love!!! You want to party, to win, to battle for those who you love, defend your family, and show your lover around the world. You're fierce about your interests and would move with ease to protect your friends.

Love needs to be open, based on honesty and without heavy restrictions. Your learned to give others affection and physical connection without limits. You are very warm and giving without thought and because of that you expect others to give the same in return. They may have called you selfish for wanting to get your own way, never realizing you are more than happy to return affection in return. Like a child you play with fire and you get burned, so you must learn that not everyone is worthy of you. You grow up and develop pride that hides behind it the hurt and burns of your past. To heal you must let go and open this flood of passion to the world: you will suffer less being yourself.