Aries Venus

Searing through the planet of Love like a fireball, the sign of Mars takes its placement boldly and impatiently. The result is intimate like a star-crossed love, daring, lustful, competitive, and impulsive like the will of a God.

As the leader of the Zodiac, Aries Venus adores the beginnings of a relationship. You gain the charm and seduction of Venus mingled with the boldness and courage of Mars-- you're never afraid to show your love!!! You want to party, to win, to battle for those who you love, defend your family, and show your lover around the world. You're fierce about your interests and would move with ease to protect your friends.

You would be extra compatible with others who have Cardinal or fire Venus signs due to your similar desires and interests. You may also find it fulfilling and exciting to be with someone of this same placement. Additionally, why not pursue someone who is ruled by the mythological lover of your ruler and seek a Taurus Venus, Libra Venus, or Pisces Venus? Such a relationship would entail an extremely passionate force of energy between you...

(Your preferences are your own; of course, but this is what your placement indicates for you...)

Sexually, you find pleasure in leading, but you would not be opposed to the opposite; you may find it especially attractive to be with someone who can playfully challenge your dominance. Physical desire burns like flames for you-- sex is fun, love is a joy-- and your partners quickly catch on to feel the heat of your passion.

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