Cancer Venus

Shy Cancer manifests in the home of Libra, blending the cool sensitivity of the Moon with the warmth of Venus. Flowers bloom along the edge of the shore; an ocean breeze dusts across the soul of Cancer Venus, the seafoam of Aphrodite brushing along the sand.

Cancer Venus indicates a sweet sensitivity to the heart. You are an intuitive lover, one who is devoted completely and seeks to create a comfortable relationship that will last. It is likely that you eventually want to settle down with your lover and raise a family. When it comes to your personal interests, you have an incredible imaginative ability; you would be blessed in the arts, with an eye for design due to Cancer's natural intuition.

You would be extra compatible with others who have Cardinal or water Venus signs due to the similarities of your passions. You may also find a powerful, deep, mystifying love with someone of this same placement. You love traditionally-- flowers, long walks hand in hand, baking together-- and your affections are like tender waves of the sea.

(Your preferences are your own; of course, but this is what your placement indicates for you...)

In sex, you want someone who will take care of you; as with Cancer Mars, there is an emphasis on the chest, stomach, and breasts with this placement. You are very physically affectionate and want nothing more than to be able to express your passions with someone who enjoys physical affection just as much as you. You may find it hard to separate your sexual fantasies from love-- a sense of longing imprints your desires.