Capricorn Venus

Keywords for Capricorn Venus include: effort, gradual, stable, and persistent. This is a placement which cannot fully give or take warm sensuality without the little efforts which lead there. This Venus sign indicates someone who is very good at building longlasting relationships. At the same time, they are often just as good at avoiding connections if they are deemed unworthy. If they feel the other person is not going to put in effort or comply to the gradual steps in the relationship— they simply walk away unattached. This might seem a bit cold to the outside perspective, but really it is their way of creating love in life. You know you can't have it any other way, and truthfully why should you?

You have a highly developed love nature. That is because love for you is something to be earned. You may have had to perform in some way in order to achieve affection as a child. Love was hard work, not an easy flow to simply enjoy. As a result, you now hold structured standards for what you need before you open yourself to love. This is also true about what you expect from others. They must go through gradual stages of effort to win your heart.

The problem is at times it is too easy to fall into a pattern of avoidance: staying a polite distance from others. Especially when young, Venus in Capricorn can avoid serious relationships altogether. This is ironic considering they only want that type of relationship. You have an inner ideal of a long lasting conventional partnership. No matter how freedom loving the rest of the chart may be, at some point you will want to settle down. Love is not made of extravagant promises and lavish luxuries, but of small efforts, commitments, and most importantly growth. Every relationship you have is about gradually getting better, stronger together, and more refined. You feel love as climbing up somewhere towards a goal.

This goal can be anything you decide but you must see it is moving to a higher point over time. If a relationship is good but it stays the same for years, you feel you have failed somehow. This is unfortunate, as you might become cold towards a perfectly great partner. It is better you speak the goal out loud and find ways to work towards it together. Even if it is something small it still means a lot to you. You enjoy knowing you can put in effort to take your partner to their highest point. You are fine with being asked to do about anything for them; you will not shy away from any challenge. Unless, it is something you consider detrimental or a downgrade.

The pitfalls for you are several. You can become too focused on things you want and avoid real relationships. You can also end up with someone who will manipulate you to work for them; being abused and staying for years, putting in more efforts the more the relationship fails. Thus you should stay away from both extremes, too much or too little. Love has no price. You are worthy of love just as you are. You don't need to pay and make sacrifices for what you want. If someone doesn't enjoy what you give— they never will. And no amount of sweat is going to change that.