⋆✦⋆ Gemini Venus ⋆✦⋆

Venus in this position brings liveliness and spontaneity. Like Libra, her body's ruler, the Gemini Venus values balance in duality: healthy and swift communicative tendencies between oneself and one's own. Love is friendship that never ends.

Gemini Venus is an interesting, intelligent placement; indicative of one who is charming through the gift of communication and is physically attractive. You require constant stimulation in your relationships, getting bored isn't something you want to do. However, sometimes you can distract yourself with so much talking and ignore the deeper issues.

You may hear that Venus in Gemini people get bored with others easily and don't like emotionally heavy relationships- which for some reason leads to the paranoid conclusion that they are likely to cheat. But Gemini is one truly romantic sign for Venus to be in; this constellation itself was seen as a pair of lovers in 6th-century Indian tradition.

As an Air Venus, this placement seeks an active intellectual mentality in a partner; this may manifest from any one of their various interests. Thus, without enough communication to build emotional rapport, they may speedily lose interest. A Gemini Venus is looking for a very specific kind of relationship and won't settle for anything less than a true soulmate match. They will not stay in a relationship that doesn’t hold on to this ideal- and they may even exit without a second glance at their broken hearted partner. It isn't out of malice, they just believe in that one true partnership and they have no doubt others should too. The kind of love they look for is a partnership of two equals that can keep each other interested- leading to growth, a partnership of two that are made stronger and better by being together. They have a deeply hidden fantasy of this person and relationship. It usually evolves a lot of play, adventure, excitement and sweet moments where they get to exchange kind words with their loved one. As long as their lover is by their side they are happy- no need for money or crazy nights of passion. They just want someone who is sweet, kind and fits their secret ideal of a perfect friend. It is important for them that their lives aren't filled with negative situations. They might stay at first out of curiosity (curiosity killed the cat was about them) but soon enough they will see a person who brings negative energy is no friend to them. They are deeply caring and loyal once established, and would probably figure an unorthodox way to make their partner happy.