Leo Venus

Threatening the heavens with starry fangs among parted jaws, the Lion seizes in one bound the neck of the Vernal Bull, clasping the Equinoctal Scales between claws of diamond. Leo crushes Venus in a hot fury, bleeding from the maw with passion; those who have never seen the Leo Venus admire them.

Leo Venus needs displays of love and attention just as much as it gives them to others. This is a highly demanding placement, although simultaneously grand and generous. You burn with passion for all of your interests, and are likely to share the things you like or that you are proud of with those who you love: at your heart, you seek constant approval.

While you enjoy public attention, you also want to keep your lover to yourself; you see a distinct necessity in the separation of what you contain as public or private in your relationship. If your boundaries are crossed, it is a risk to your jealousy, discomfort, and distrust. You are possessive over whatever it is that you love in a manageable way characteristic of the Fixed signs. This transfers into your relationships in that you enjoy the idea of calling someone yours (and likewise vice versa).

At times, you may accidentally come off too strong to others, even with a more reserved Sun sign. You want to be wanted, but you refuse to believe in empty flatteries: your expectations prove to stretch beyond simple words of praise, and you hold an intense desire for intimate physical contact and all other kinds of displays of affection. While your eros is unlimited, you would find natural compatiblity with others who have Fixed or Fire Venus signs due to the common depth and strength of your desires.

(Your preferences are your own; of course, but this is what your placement indicates for you...)

Driven by its status as a Fire Venus, this placement emphasizes erotic love and seduction. You are not likely; however, to be bound by particular sexual roles, and possess many interests regarding your sexual desires, especially of the romantic-erotic nature. When you do find something you really like, you want more of it! When in a committed relationship, you do not want sex without affection-- even in masochistic scenarios-- and you require loads of attention and pleasure that you are sure to return. The sexual attraction between you and a partner does not diminish throughout a relationship with this placement; rather, it rises stronger as the relationship grows.

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