Leo Venus

Threatening the heavens with starry fangs among parted jaws, the Lion seizes in one bound the neck of the Vernal Bull, clasping the Equinoctal Scales between claws of diamond. Leo crushes Venus in a hot fury, bleeding from the maw with passion; those who have never seen the Leo Venus admire them.

Leo Venus needs displays of love and attention just as much as it gives them to others. This is a highly demanding placement, although simultaneously grand and generous. Leo rules the heart: When a Leo Venus loves, they LOVE. They positively gush with praise and adoration for the object of their affection. It leaves the Scorpio and Capricorn placements in the room looking around for the hidden camera. This sign loves sincerity. Almost as much as they love themselves! And they can smell false flattery from a mile away. Most with Leonine charts find it to be absolutely repugnant. First, it's insulting. Not only does an empty flatterer think the Leo placement is stupid enough to believe it, they're also basically saying they can't find anything sincerely nice to say! Second, Leo placements all shine in their own unique ways, and one of their duties on this earth is to help others shine in their own way too. False praise will only point the person in the wrong direction. No reasonably healthy Leo Venus would inflict this on another person, let alone someone they love. So the next time your Leo lover hits you over the head with their love manifesto, just smile, soak it all in, and maybe even come back with your own. Let that Leo love keep on shining.

On the other hand, this Venus sign has learned that love is only for those who are worth it. One must win love before they have any entitlement for it. And so they made sure as a child that they are worth it, that they are the best- and only then were they allowed to enjoy others' affection. For them, love is always conditional and dangerous. Being desired by someone who doesn't recognize their worth is the utmost failure, and the worst imaginable scenario to be in. They would rather have no love at all. So they develop their own fantasy where someone wins their heart. The knight must slay the dragon and kill the witch, and of course, they are the prize. When this does not happen, they are secretly sure this is their fault- that they are not good enough. If only Leo Venus would open their eyes and see how everyone in their path is more than ready to slay the dragon- they just think they are not good enough. Love is drama and song for them. Their greatest gift is turning the grayest of stories into a fairytale by making everyone they love feel like they are the best.

If a Leo Venus has their eye on you— Prepare for the tsunami.

What? Too much?

While they enjoy public attention, they also want to keep their lover to themself. If their boundaries are crossed, it is a risk to their jealousy, discomfort, and distrust. These people are possessive over whatever it is that they love in a manageable way characteristic of the Fixed signs. This transfers into their relationships in that they enjoy the idea of calling someone theirs (and likewise vice versa).