Libra Venus

Domicile of Venus, lover and protector: Although Libra's traditional name iugum translates to "scalebeam," the word also meant a "yoke" for oxen-- you are associated with Taurus in that you are both bound together by your ruler, Venus. Your love is cosmically powerful.

Libra Venus shines in its natural dignity. When love is present in your life, you are eager to balance it with the rest of your world, and to enjoy all the fruits that love and life offer you. Communication comes easily to you, but when there is an issue you tend to weigh on the middle ground as a compromise.

For you, love is the space where balance is reached and conclusions stay in place. You are always in two places at once, trying to decide what road to choose next. Your heart loves everyone without reserve and yet you realize early on that this state of affairs isn't how it works with others. They ask you to choose; maybe it was your family or just your life. You had to make a choice you could not make and so you never did. You followed the easy choice- to love what is beautiful, for beautiful is always good. Beauty was the answer for the unbalance between mind, body and heart. Your hate of conflict meant you would seek where you belong; the group that would not require you to make difficult choices and that would be easily affectionate towards you. As time progresses, the feeling creeps on you that this isn't going to be enough. You will seek partners that challenge you, forcing you to develop a strong sense of individual identity. When that happens, you will find a partner in the true sense of the word. Someone who is amazing, who will join you according to your beliefs and goals in life, maybe an intellectual kind of love. A good analogy for you is that idea where from physical love, you learn to know the spiritual kind.