Pisces Venus

Luminescent in her exaltation of Pisces, the planet Venus flourishes and rejoices above the zodiac. The Venusian Pisces is gifted with her amorous spirit, soft and divine, followed by roses in the garden of life.

Pisces Venus elicits the image of a dreamy, enchanting fantasy world of love. You adore the thought of love, and may be more likely to catch feelings very easily, but soon drop them later, just like that. However, you are certainly more subtle in your flirting-- you may look to your friends frequently for advice in love.

I personally think this placement is super cute and makes me think of mermaids!! You may be most compatible with other Water Venus signs because of how similarly loyal and emotional you are. You love unconditionally, romantically, and poetically.

(Your preferences are your own; of course, but this is what your placement indicates for you...)

When it comes to sex, you are very emotionally and physically sensitive. You are accepting and receptive of your partner and their needs, and you would rather feel your way through sex to figure out what you enjoy. You can be very attracted to the idea of the "oneness" of your desire and someone else's; being able to feel your share of cosmic universal love through each other's energy.

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