Pisces Venus

Luminescent in her exaltation of Pisces, the planet Venus flourishes and rejoices above the zodiac. The Venusian Pisces is gifted with her amorous spirit, soft and divine, followed by roses in the garden of life.

Pisces Venus elicits the image of a dreamy, enchanting fantasy world of love. Imagine the scent of rich perfume. This is Taurus, ruled by Venus. The glossy bottle holding it is Libra, co-ruled. And what would Pisces Venus do with the bottle? Well... it holds the perfume and admires it, and then drops it on the ground to watch the shards of glass sparkle in the sun, musing about the brokenness of all beauty... Pisces is not about ownership, but about letting go. Venus in Pisces appreciates what can not be captured or owned by regular means. It enjoys the elusive ideal that can't be defined.

I personally think this placement is super cute and makes me think of mermaids. More than anything this Venus enjoys atmosphere of enchantment and fantasy. It can also be like a dark enchanted forest, like a siren at the bottom of the lake: enchanting, but leading to a bottomless nowhere. This can be captured through artistic means such as photography, music, poetry, often with something slightly dreamy and sad about it. This placement enjoys the process of making the sensual and factual into something more- by elevating it into realms beyond the mundane. In modern astrology this sign is ruled by Neptune; this placement's love life is often wrought with misunderstandings and broken hearts. Even if this planet is well aspected in the chart, some elements of this story will sound familiar: Falling deeply in love, being disappointed, finding out it was all a lie... this is the essence of Neptune.

On the other hand, this Venus is a true heart breaker itself, because the love it gives may be directed at one person, but ultimately it is directed towards humanity. Pisces love is not personally possessive. It doesn't want to own another person or be owned in return. It may seek deep true love and connection, be generous and giving, but just this isn't enough to feel right. If the Venus in Pisces is immature, it can attempt to find all that “humanity” in one person. They may elevate the person they love to a godly status. Imagine living up to that! If it is mature, it will instead give love to the person they care about well still keeping some of their heart for their ideals and dreams. They may learn to balance soul-union with a healthy detachment. This Venus thrives in its ability to be somewhat detached. No matter how difficult things get, it can find true joy and beauty in something higher. This Venus is sensitive but can always move on to brighter waters. It is flexible like that…And always hopeful. In this sense, it is a very powerful placement and can survive emotional wounds time and again.

Only through compassion does one sacrifice joyfully and not count the cost. The highest type of love is often misunderstood and crucified, and so Venus in Pisces has a very difficult time on the planet. Their ideals of love are not geared to the earth.