Sagittarius Venus

Scorching the heavens in a wildfire, Venus bounds through Sagittarius in the search for love. The Mutable Archer wanders the universe, excited by the romance found along the way.

With Sagittarius Venus, anything feels possible, and everything feels real. "Sagittarians treat friends like lovers and lovers like friends. It’s all a good time."

A pronounced love of freedom is a basic Sagittarian resource. No sign is so fearful of constraint. Enthusiasm, buoyant spirits, adventurousness— those are Sagittarius Venus resources too. Whatever life throws at the Archer, they are ready. Nowhere is the Archer's precipitous shadow so obvious as in intimate human relationships. Freedom is precious to Sagittarian life, yet few signs are in such peril of throwing it away for the promise of eternal romance. Once again, it is that trusting, wide-eyed attitude that snares the arrow in mid-flight. "Married in haste, repented at leisure," has been the epitaph on many an unhappy Sagittarius placement tomb. Robust faith, a sense of humor, a willingness to take a plunge— those traits help us live more fully, and the Archer has them all. But unless they are balanced by a sense of how frail and fleeting our lives are, and an awareness of how easily the spark can go out of them, bright-spirited Sagittarius Venus can become the placement of tragedy.