Sagittarius Venus

Scorching the heavens in a wildfire, Venus bounds through Sagittarius in the search for love. The Mutable Archer wanders the universe, excited by the romance found along the way.

Sagittarius Venus is both a dreamer and an achiever-- the native of this placement requires a lover who can keep up with them and their lust for life. Above all, Sagittarius Venus takes an important focus on experience; you need constant stimulation from the world around you, even if it isn't necessarily meaningful, or else you can become restless and bored. You love to explore in your interests, passions, and with your lover, both emotionally and physically.

Philosophical discussions likely will come easy to you as a Sagittarius Venus. Being gifted by Jupiter, you also have the ability to easily make others laugh and smile. These traits are incredibly attractive about you; your personality inspires others who are interested in you to dream and seek goals themselves. With you, anything feels possible, and everything feels real.

You need your space in a relationship, but you are not in any way withdrawn nor coldhearted: You may feel compatible with other Venus Signs which are Mutable in modality, as you both draw in changing energies from the world around you. You might also find yourself drawn to Air or Fire Venus Signs due to the ways in which these placements are openly expressive and similarly strive to feel new stimulations.

(Your preferences are your own; of course, but this is what your placement indicates for you...)

You enjoy most to explore your lover's body and to be explored in return. As a fire Venus, there are always new things you discover in regards to sex which peak your interests. You are eager to play with what you want, and especially fond of drawing in and feeling your partner's wishes and desires.