𝕾𝖈𝖔𝖗𝖕𝖎𝖔 𝖁𝖊𝖓𝖚𝖘

Keywords: obsessive, seductive, loyal. If you love deep love, Venus in Scorpio can't be beat.
Scorpio Venus, though in detriment of Venus Victrix, perseveres with a profoundly mysterious and captivating personality. Scorpio is about transformation and awakening; you can't help it, you're just alluring. When you open up to the right person in love, they will be able to feel exactly how vivid your emotions and desires are: it is likely that you want to find this type of synergy with someone. Your intensity and curiosity in your partner is what is most attractive about you. But your love isn't open for all to see, only for the privileged.

Your desires run deep; intensely so, to the point that they can frustrate you for long periods of time as marked by this placement's watery dwelling in detriment. Matters such as beauty, elegance, social refinement, and diplomacy are not well supported here. Because Venus is being represented by Mars, love often takes on a magnetic quality and can become a fatal attraction. Attractions tend to be very strong and repulsions equally strong. In the event of rejection, there is the tendency for you to take it much more personally than most. Jealousy and possessiveness can be common and you often expect faithfulness even if you seem to tend toward promiscuity. Like those with the Moon in this sign, you have a hard time with self reliance, letting go, and holding grudges.

Your trademark Scorpio intensity is just another word for living life with every ounce of your soul. That's because you know that life is too short for half-measures. And contrary to your popular reputation, you are incredibly forgiving. It takes a lot to lose your loyalty. You understand that people are messy and that lifelong relationships require room for change. You know that people aren't at their best while in the midst of transformation. But when you are slighted or wronged against, let others make no mistake about it: you will sever them off. You will not; however, just let something go without warning. The Scorpion does not sting unless threatened. If someone has betrayed you or simply sucked you dry, you will decisively choose to cut off the limb to save the body.

Virgo may be the sign known for discernment, but to me it's a close race. Scorpio Venus is so strong and you have so much to guard and protect, as well as so much to give. Deciding who to trust, where to place your energy, when to let down your walls, and when to make a cut are all delicate and difficult operations. Luckily, you have a powerful understanding of human nature to guide your way.

Some sad truth was concealed from you when you were young. You learned that nothing is as it seems, including love. Being the way you are, you promised yourself to protect others from the frightening emotions that you have; born from the disclosure of difficult truth, the same that was concealed from you. Love in your heart wasn't something you could express, and so you let it crawl within, becoming deeper and more complicated as the years went by.

By the time you matured, all you knew was that it wasn't simple for you to become involved. Nevertheless, you wanted to protect others; your early romantic involvements may have been with someone weaker or in need of your help. That someone may not have been able to let you have your own weak spots, and so it ended. You perceived this as betrayal and closed off your heart. You came into your power not much later and learned that sex is your tool for expressing the depth, the void. The need. And yet you want something true. Based on deep trust that needs not words. Little affairs make a mockery of that. But it takes time to figure these things out. You know this. When you do figure it out: yours is the kind of love that is fatal in all the best ways.

Behind all that armor lies a sensitive and compassionate heart. Because you have had to tangle with power and pain, you have enormous empathy for anyone in an unfair situation. You know that all things– and all people– have seasons. Things change. They bloom and wither, grow and decay, molt and regenerate. And you also know that there is a root, a thread of continuity that never changes. So you give people room to grow and offer infinite grace through the process of their becoming. This is because you bond with the root, never the ephemeral blooms. In that way, you love more honestly than many of us could even imagine.