Scorpio Venus

Detriment of Venus Victrix: You are raw and lost as you are bold. You know what it is like to stand next to the Vortex.

Scorpio Venus, though in a placement of detriment, perseveres with a profoundly mysterious and captivating personality. Your magnetism is intrinsic; people with this placement are known for setting the mood whenever they walk into a room, whatever or wherever it may be. When you open up to the right person in love, they will be able to feel exactly how vivid your emotions and desires are: it is likely that you want to find this type of synergy with someone. You need someone who isn't afraid to give a relationship their all, and who you aren't afraid to get emotional with either.

As with other Fixed Venus signs, when you are slighted or wronged against, let others make no mistake about it: you will sever them off. But you have the tendency to sometimes obsess for a bit after you've been hurt-- this is because when you take interest in something, you put all the force of your devotion into it. You will not; however, just let something go without warning. The Scorpion does not sting another unless threatened.

You may be especially compatible with other Water Venus signs in respect to your search for committment and a shared emotional sensibility. There is a similar intensity that matches yours with other Fixed Venus signs. Additionally, you may find yourself attracted to your opposites in any respect, whether the natural opposite of Scorpio, or opposite in elemental or polar aspect. You may find an individual's independence, assertiveness, or arrogance; even, to be something that is very attractive to you.

(Your preferences are your own; of course, but this is what your placement indicates for you...)

As this placement is in Scorpio, sex is highly personal for you: the intimate bond that comes with it may be a constant craving of yours. Your desires run deep; intensely so, to the point that they can frustrate you for long periods of time as marked by this placement's watery dwelling in detriment. But when it comes down to it, you are extremely alluring and passionate. Sexual compatibility is likely important to you when considering a relationship-- your intensity and curiosity in your partner is what is most attractive about you.

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