Taurus Venus

With Taurus dignified in its gentle domicile, Venus is pleased and shares her happiness in love and peace with the native of this placement.

Taurus Venus likes things simple. Love is what matters to you, not elaborate luxury or petty complicated jealousies and drama. Your relationships are down to earth, warm, and they last with you, for better or for the worse.

You may feel compatible with other Venus Signs which are Fixed in modality, as you want a committed relationship and the ability to emotionally connect. You might also find yourself drawn to Earth or Water Venus Signs, as these placements are similarly romantic, passionate, and home-focused. Additionally, you may find a beneficial synergy with others whose placements are ruled by Venus.

(Your preferences are your own; of course, but this is what your placement indicates for you...)

You are a steady lover. You do have a need for physical passion, but sex is not the most glaringly important thing in a relationship to you. Still, you love to indulge in pleasure with your partner, and are deeply caring when it comes to your sexual expression. Your desires may focus mostly on physical affection-- you are deeply sensual.