Taurus Venus

With Taurus dignified in its gentle domicile, Venus is pleased and shares her happiness in love and peace with the native of this placement.

Taurus Venus likes things simple. Love is what matters to you, not elaborate luxury or petty complicated jealousies and drama. Your relationships are down to earth, warm, and they last with you, for better or for the worse.

Your love needs to be real, something that cannot be taken away from you. Empty promises force you to turn cold to others. You are fully capable of loving yourself as you are in the flesh- misgivings, shortcomings and sensual cravings. You can offer the same gift to others- not unconditional love but accepting love. You learned that your touch is healing magic, that friends run to you for sweet comfort and that the simple things in life can save a heart from breaking. You give your body and only then your soul and when you don you don't know how to take it back. If you are forced to take your broken heart from another- you will feel empty and in return would try to fill up the space with sensual comfort. But yours is a loving nature and living without expressing it isn't worth it at all for you true values are based on love.