Virgo Venus

Virgo Venus is in astrological fall according to tradition. Venusian issues, therefore, are not perceived with great merit when Venus is in this sign. Beauty takes a back seat to utilitarian concerns. Like Cinderella who, wishing she could go to the ball, got stuck doing dirty house chores, Venus here is the antithesis of flashy glamour.

And that's because they're happy to work behind the scenes to improve things. They don’t seek glory, but real results. Nothing gets past them. They notice everything. Instead of just collecting information about something, they organize it, categorize it, and make the world make sense.

The restaurant you were going to is shut down? No problem, Virgo Venus knows 4 others within a 5-mile radius. Missed a flight? It's all good, they just happened to have researched all the other flights going to the same place, and there's another in an hour. Water heater burst? Now's the time to break out that binder of good contractors that they had created just in case. This placement holds a special brand of practical caring. They're the one willing to fight to get a grumpy loved one to take their medicine and follow doctor's orders. The one to wash the dishes and take out the trash because they know their partner had a bad day. They love so deeply, and they do it in a way that measurably improves the lives of those around them.

And they don't need much... just a little of that one very particular something, right? As they grew up, Virgo Venus developed a system of right and wrong to express love. As a result they allow themself to express this emotion through service, or in a situation that has its own rules of the game: working relations, marriage, and even affairs with their own rules. For them to find true love they must respect their partner and the values they hold. And they must know they truly want them. They may fall into the trap of analyzing until all emotion is gone- they must know it is the right time for them to open their heart— and how will they know this if not through the mind? But nevertheless they keep to the rules, loyally giving more and more— even if no respect or love is received. For them to be happy they must make their number one rule receiving it in return.

Every Virgo placement has one side of their life they keep private. And usually, that side is dark, surprising, fascinating, and incredibly fun. Virgo Venus is, to drag out the old cliché, the librarian who takes off her glasses, lets her hair down, and becomes a whole new person. They remind us that accolades are wonderful, but you have to actually do the job first. Where Venus represents our humanity, Virgo Venus reminds us that the only way for humanity to move forward is to adapt, pivot, and improve on what we've been doing. And they also remind us that real improvement means doing the right thing.